Chemtrail Protest Oregon!

Chemtrail Protest Oregon!
Columbia River Gorge Skywatchers was live.


7 thoughts on “Chemtrail Protest Oregon!

  1. Just think how much in taxpayers dollars are spent in fuel and poisons for all these jets to kill us. The government wants us to go green while they are the killers of animal and marine life, also all vegetation. Look at the trees. Bees are depleted which is needed for food. Need I go on?

    1. Yes, they push dirty technologies on us, suppress high mpg vehicles, free energy and kill those who get in the way. And it’s OUR FAULT!!!!

  2. We couldn’t stop the development of the Bomb , we will not stop this Stratosphere Aerosol Injection Program ! We can’t do anything about it .

  3. Although I want to have hope, I am afraid the powerbrokers have set all of us “useful idiots” at each others throats for a Grande Finale.
    They know we can’t get our shit together because they have done such a great job of distracting us…… and they are counting on the mass migration of a violent and suppressive “cult”, bent on being the dominating “culture” in the World, to finish the job.
    That clash will be the signal to implement martial law and usher in the New World Oder.
    Those assholes will continue to spray us all with poisons because either they “think” they have a way out….or they actually DO. Who knows?

    Getting a sign and getting OUT where the good citizens are is a fantastic way to help. Some help by sharing our posts on FB. Some are helping with a donation. And some are getting out onto the streets. If you are willing and able, WE NEED YOUR HELP! Anyone can help. That’s up to you! We are all in this together! We look forward to meeting you someday. Meanwhile, stay tuned for more ON THE STREET ACTION! ?

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