Absolutely being slammed today in Denver. Worst I’ve ever seen. This is so criminal.

Absolutely being slammed today in Denver. Worst I’ve ever seen. This is so criminal.

Post by  Linda Neely


13 thoughts on “Absolutely being slammed today in Denver. Worst I’ve ever seen. This is so criminal.

  1. That’s pretty bad. It really p*sses me off when the f&ckers make huge “X” signs in the sky too, they’re just “in your face” as if saying “YEAH CAN IT BE MORE OBVIOUS we’re DEFINITELY SPRAYING YOU !” I mean when the sky looks like A game of “tick-tack-toe” then something’s not exactly “normal” ! I’ve seen that a lot.

  2. The second picture that has the chemtrail X, to the right and above the Sun, appears is an Orb (UFO). I’ve also been seeing this same heavy chemtrailing. There appears to be an increase in meteors or fireballs and UFO’s recent in the U.S. Maybe the increase of the chemtrails is to hide something from sight from space.

  3. It has been as as bad in Wisconsin….the leadership in our good old USA should be
    forced to drink a good dose of the brew they are spraying on the public…Hang the bastards
    by their heads if they have any heads…all they are doing is intentially killing our world
    and killing humanity…they live here too…

  4. Blue sky is being phased out. Haven’t seen a clear day in California for quite a while. Used to be rare not to see a bright blue sky. Discouraging not to able to stop it before it radically affects our health and environment.

  5. So far in this new year of twenty eighteen, we down here in Alabama have been heavily aerosoled EVERY day! A few days ago as weather forecasters told us that another “arctic blast” was headed our way, I watched as chemliner after chemliner crossed the sky. Earlier that morning I watched what had been a totally clear sky (through night vision at four o’clock AM) turn into a hazy quagmire some five hours later. It would appear that the suspended metal particulates were microwaved, which directed the storm’s path straight across the southeast. Montgomery received over three inches of snow! Much more than Birmingham which is a hundred miles further north… Not only that but this snow was the powdered stuff – the real snow that we NEVER, EVER get down here… Bizarre stuff…

  6. We are getting blasted by gray Chemtrails all the time as well as white. Yesterday the sky look like it was bleeding pink and just certain areas it look like it was falling to the ground. I think we are a test site out here for something up here in Alberta Canada. What can we do to stop this? I usually am out daily speaking to people but this isn’t happening quick enough. Please can the people in high places stop this

  7. I live just west of Denver and her photos were at the BEGINNING of the day! They were much worse by noon!!!!!
    It was clear at 8am then COMPLETELY overcast by noon. Whatever they were spraying it gave me a severe headache,which I still have because today (1/19,2018) its just as bad.
    I suspect they are spraying something new ….perhaps more fungus flu ????
    I only go outside to exercise when there are NO CLOUDS and yes I do still WEAR A PAINTERS MASK (sprayed with thieves blend essential oils on the inside) to keep the fungus flu at bay. A child in our area died of this fungus flu so its real bad,most likely weaponized. Most are trying to treat it as a bacteria or virus but you cannot treat Fungus the same way,which is why no one can cure it. I have a very bad feeling we are all being hit with some type of binary sprayings so we get one part one day and part two the next. We all need to wear masks if you want to minimize your exposure.
    Get your immune systems stronger,your inflammation in your body down so you can fight the stuff/diseases they are probably spraying on us.
    Ok I will get off my soap box

  8. I have heard from a reliable source that these ice nucleated artificial cool downs we have all seen on the TV are only at the ground surface. so what I wanna know is How far up does one need to go to feel the actual natural temperatures that are above the ice nucleated artificial freezes?
    I wonder if any of us live in a place with tall buildings we should get together and each of us go to the top of our cities highest building (if it has an outside observation deck) and see if the temps are much warmer up there..bring a temp gauge of some sort. Take a pic at the bottom showing temp on the gauge and a date and time. then go up top do it all again…and post it here.
    This could be a way of enlisting all of us in a project that can be posted here.
    A very vivid way of posting truth through photos !
    just a thought

  9. Totally criminal, psychotic ass hat idiots. Trumps EO Dec. 21st is to prevent CRIMES against humanity. Hope they seize the ASSets of these monsters and send them packing to gitmo.

  10. Linda,
    Thank you for your photos ! I live in littleton and saw the clear morning sky and then by noon it was completely opaque white and creepy cloudy.
    If you live here we should start a meet up group to discuss ways we can together, to awaken the public. I just feel we need to do something. I know everyone I have tried to show the facts to, is so pre-programmed to either deny it (if they were ever in the military) or just not care. I feel like starting a campaign using a plain water aerosol with a “Bug Spray” label on it. Next time a tell someone about the toxic skies and they try denying it or calling me a “Wacko conspiracy theorist” i will just say…. ” so you wouldn’t mind if I sprayed this bug spray on your face would you”? and then the point is made.
    Yes, its graphic ,but I think people are sooo brainwashed that’s what it would take. Most peoples cognitive abilities are already past the point of no return. Such a shame its this hard to wake people up.

  11. Yes…I totally agree with everyone here. It is sick, what is happening. I have been spreading the word since about 2009….and have received much flak for it. Now, a few more people are seeing b/c they have had their awareness notched up a level just by my big mouth.
    But No, just not FAST ENOUGH!!
    The worst I ever saw it was in 2011 just leaving Casper, Wyoming very early one morning headed to Ft. Bridger on the Utah border. HORRIFIC! The ENTIRE sky was criss-crossed.
    We all just gasped as the sun rose.
    and up here in BC Canada…same thing. Some days worse than others!

  12. For all the people here that say they want to do something, we have a massive awareness-raising campaign that you could be a part of! My activism page is GregPallen4Congress on Facebook. We reached tens of thousands of unsuspecting football fans at the National Collegiate Championship game here in Atlanta less than two weeks ago!
    We have set up the apparatus to collect funds via http://www.gofundme.com/stopthespraying and have put up SIX billboards to help create awareness. My current goal (which is partially realized at this point) is to get signs and cards into the hands of activists and caring fellow citizens all over the world! There are still folks out there who would care if they only knew….THEY DESERVE TO KNOW. Please consider a donation and also please consider helping the brave folks who have been out in the streets for years spreading the Truth on this issue.

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