California – Chemtrail Pilots Making Circles Overhead

California - Chemtrail Pilots Making Circles Overhead

Post from John Knox Crazy Pilots/Mad Passengers?

8 thoughts on “California – Chemtrail Pilots Making Circles Overhead

  1. Down here in Alabama the vast majority of the chemliners are NOT civilian.. I know this because they are not on any of the plane tracking apps.. They are military or something else…

    1. In my area, when I can hear loud jets, I go to plane finder and discover they are not at cruise attitude (20,000 ft burning more fuel) when they should be at 35,000 (can’t hear them at cruse). More particulates is the name of the game. Over the few past weeks, many loud jets (military) not on plane finder.

  2. Hilarious….I don’t know why this had never occurred to me. if these are trails from passenger airlines, driving in circles and Xes…passengers wouldn’t ever get anywhere. I was out waiting for for almost 2 hours for buses that only ran on the hour and walking to the bus stops. By the time i arrived home, I could hardly walk. I had a raspy cough, full chest, and was weak and dizzy. For months, I had been living with and providing care for my sister (24 X 7), who died yesterday. She was hospitalized for flu, but was recovering. Her daughters were also treated for pneumonia. I was around all three but never contacted the flu and I usually don’t get the flu. I had read Dr Andrew Saul’s report on his taking 2000 mg of ascorbic acid every 6 minutes until saturation (until diarrhea). I also took some during the night. Next day, I felt fine. The raspy cough, full chest, dizziness, weakness, etc. was gone. I have been following chemtrails since the nineties and, in the later nineties, couldn’t wait to read Nick Begich’s book Angels Don’t Play This HAARP. I cannot understand, educated or not, people’s absolute refusal to believe there are chemtrails and their ridicule for me because I do..

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