EMF Refugee – Electromagnetic Field

EMF Refugee – Electromagnetic Field

What is an EMF Refugee?

It is one of the many thousands of people around the world who are seeking places to live that are free of man-made microwave radiation and electrical pollution. Many have had to give up their career, home, school, community and family in order to find a safe place to exist in our modern world that is now filled with EMF pollution.

Most of us think of refugees as people of the third world escaping famine, drought, war and political oppression. However, there is a growing amount of refugees’ right here, right now, in the wealthiest countries in the world. They are people who have become sensitized to the very commodity that our modern world runs on – the microwave radiation that powers our wireless digital technology economy.

Throughout the developed world, ex-accountants, medical doctors, attorneys, school teachers, computer programmers and CEO’s are seeking wilderness areas, farms, far-off communities, caves, remote beaches, secluded valleys, basement apartments and radio-free white zones where they can live without pain. Places where they can sleep and wake without the common EHS symptoms of headaches, heart palpitations and extreme fatigue. These electro-hypersensitive (EHS) individuals are the canaries in the global coal mine of wireless technology and electrical pollution. Will we begin to recognize the message they are conveying?

EMF Refugee - Electromagnetic Field
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This short film “Searching for a Golden Cage” shows to what length EMF refugees will go to find a safe place to live:

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5 thoughts on “EMF Refugee – Electromagnetic Field

  1. Well, I’m one of those ‘electromagnetic sensitive’ guinea pigs.
    Ever since they installed those evil and toxic “Smart Meters’ in our area while we are still refusing to have one, I’ve been getting this metallic noise in my brain, occasional headache, sometimes it can be HORRIFIC, plus ear ache, heart ache, and some days they DIDN’T LET ME SLEEP AT ALL i.e. they emit different rays time and time, on and off.

    I’ve been fighting against the traitors at the Companies calling themselves ‘Government’, ‘Court’, ‘Police’ etc head on, so they really hate me and could be targeting to kill me.

    I wanted to move to somewhere like Vanuatu, and there again, they’ve been shaking that little paradise, and many saw some kind of pattern – when they shake Vanuatu (=artificial earthquake, I mean), they shake Japan.

    Besides, in recent years, they started having the horrible immunization there!!
    I bet many babies and small kids getting sick which they never saw though we never hear any news about that.

    Such a wonderful world we are living in. :O(

    Oh, BTW the film you mentioned is this one?

    Searching for a Golden Cage (2014)

  2. My heart goes out to those suffering from this horrible EMF sensitivity. It is real. There is something really bad about all this radiation. I had the same ‘bad’ feeling about cellphones and wifi, the same ‘gut instinct’ that I had had previously with plastic water bottles and plastics with food, microwave ovens and ultrasounds for unborn babies.

    Not sure if anyone is interested or if we live far ‘away’ from cell towers, but if someone has a camper they may be interested in leasing a spot where we live. So far there is no visible “HELL phone towers” where we are, no wi fi (at least not anywhere near us), we have wired internet and so far no “smart meters” either.
    If you are interested, please email poodlenoodle4000@yahoo.com with “NO EMF” in the subject line.

  3. For those who are sensitive to the EMR emitted by just about everything electronic, what about having a Faraday cage built? I hear that is supposed to work to repel EMR. From what I’ve been reading you have to make sure it’s really ‘sealed’ from leaks.

    Here are a few links I found:


    Troubleshooting “leaks” in your faraday cage: https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/faraday-cage-not-working.810592/

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