Vaxxed Crew Death Threats

Vaxxed crew death threats – email from anonymous untraceable German server. Medical Mafia?

From Health Impact News:

On January 19, 2018 Dr. Suzanne Humphries and Polly Tommey (co-producer of the film VAXXED) went live on Facebook to expose a horrific death threat Dr. Humphries had received by email from an apparent cyber-stalker who claimed to be following her movements. I have been covering the vaccine debate for many years now, and as I have previously written, it is very difficult to carry on any kind of sane, logical discussion with vaccine extremists, those who believe that ALL vaccines are safe and effective ALL the time for ALL people and should be administered to EVERYONE by force if necessary. This view is primarily a belief about vaccines, much like a religious belief that requires faith, and is not based on scientific facts. Those who hold to this belief make the bold claim that the “science is settled” regarding vaccines, which is in itself a very obvious un-scientific statement, as true science is always evolving and discovering new truths. The corporate media, which generates large amounts of revenue from pharmaceutical advertising, would like the public to believe that this extremist view of vaccines is shared by all medical doctors. Any view to the contrary is routinely censored in the corporate “mainstream” media. But this extremist view and belief about vaccines is not shared by all physicians – far from it. There are many medical doctors who question vaccines, and do not believe in mandatory vaccines and a one-size-fits-all approach to vaccines. Apparently, someone wants to silence Dr. Humphries so much that they have made a direct threat to brutally murder her, and to do it live when she is on camera.

8 thoughts on “Vaxxed Crew Death Threats

  1. Come on people please share this. God protect you and may God get rid of your fear, Amen. We must stand together.

  2. Mainstream news would NEVER report the truth because they are the propaganda pushers that are responsible for keeping the general population dumbed down on these kind of issues.

  3. ‘Police’ is a Company, so is ‘FBI’ and so forth,.
    They are not interested in helping us but they are working for the traitorous evil criminals.

    Hope the crews stay safe.

  4. I am so disgusted that this vaccination bullying is still happening in this country. My prayers to all who are courageous enough to put their lives out for the truth. May God and his angels protect you and your center.

  5. Have been threatened several times on the youtube chemtrail video’s for fighting loads of paid Government shills, sod em, stay safe ladies, probably just trying to stop you exposing the evil, God bless and thanks for what you do.

  6. Elite Atrocities

    The end of our time is now right at hand.
    The elite have chosen to kill common man.
    They are ending our lives abruptly at will.
    Who gave them the right to slaughter and kill.
    Because they have money, power and fame.
    They do as they choose without any shame.
    They’re acting as God, as if they were Him.
    And it’s He that will judge them for murderous sin.

    Author, Tom W.

  7. I would guess it’s either Paul Offit, Bill Gates or any one of a number of COWARDS or paid seed media trolls. May God protect Dr. Humphries physically, mentally and spiritually as well as all who are fighting to expose the endemic evil masquerading as “health care” from harm. In Jesus’s name we pray, AMEN!

    Pray for her safety and the exposure of the LOSERS who are threatening her and others who dare speak the TRUTH.

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