7 Vaccinated Die From Flu In Santa Barbara

7 Vaccinated Die From Flu In Santa Barbara


This year’s flu spectacle is showing no indications of letting up, at least not from the media’s perspective. Daily reports on “death tolls” which are being blamed on the flu continue to make headlines. It should be noted that flu misdiagnosis is also killing people, but we aren’t spending too much time on those narratives.

In Santa Barbara county, a place which also is suffering from some of the worst mudslides in the county’s history has now reported that 8 people have passed away due to the flu. However, 7 of the 8 were not only flu shot vaccinated, but they’d also received flu meds from their respective ERs.

According to Independent.com

“These numbers are unprecedented for the past 10 years,” said Dr. Charity Dean, public health czar for Santa Barbara County. Dean said all but one of the eight had been vaccinated and all had been given flu-fighting medications. “I’m worried about how severe our flu season will be,” she said.

Dean said the number of patients who are testing positive for the flu at local hospitals and health clinics is also off the charts. “Our numbers are in line with statewide numbers, and they’re definitely cause for concern,” she said. Dean reported that local emergency rooms are slammed, reportedly experiencing a threefold increase in number of patients reporting flu-like symptoms. Emergency room waiting times have grown significantly longer as a result.


When 7 of 8 deaths took the flu shot, how do we justify pushing the herd to receive more flu shots? Originally, Santa Barbara health officials blamed the Thomas fire on the spread of the flu, citing that the smoke inhalation in the lungs made people more prone to get the flu. But that’s since been dismissed as a theory.

6 thoughts on “7 Vaccinated Die From Flu In Santa Barbara

  1. Most schools require vaccines and people can’t wait to get their flu shots, so why are all these people getting the flu? My family has never gotten flu shots and we never had the flu, hmmmmmmmm!

  2. I suspect that some savvy free thinker-researcher will no doubt discover that the ER flu medications plus the flu vaccine are causing the so-called flu deaths. someone needs to compare flu patients who received the ER flu medications and the flu vaccine with the flu patient who did not receive the ER medications and did not take the flu vaccine; I suggest that comparison will show that the ER flu medications and the flu vaccine are making flu patients more sick, even killing them. what do you think

    1. In a perfect world this would occur. Not a world run by the allopathic death machine.
      All the reporting for drug adverse events is supposed to be in place for non vaccine drugs….
      III. Post-Licensure Surveillance of Vaccine Safety & the Known and Unknown Risks of Vaccination
      Source – page 5 http://icandecide.org/white-papers/VaccineSafety-Version-1.0-October-2-2017.pdf
      VAERS is a passive, not mandatory, reporting system. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4632204/
      For example, an HHS-funded review of vaccine adverse events over a three-year period by Harvard Medical School involving 715,000 patients found that
      fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported.” https://healthit.ahrq.gov/sites/default/files/docs/publication/
      In 2016, VAERS received 59,117 reports of adverse reactions following vaccination including 432 deaths, 1,091
      permanent disabilities, 4,132 hospitalizations, and 10,284 emergency room visits.

      A U.S. House Report similarly stated: “Former FDA Commissioner David A. Kessler has estimated that VAERS reports currently represent only a fraction of the serious adverse events.”
      Assuming VAERS captures 1 percent of adverse events (which is more than is estimated), then the number of adverse events reported to

      VAERS in 2016 would reflect for that year 5,911,700 adverse events, 43,200
      deaths, 109,100 permanent disabilities, 413,200 hospitalizations, and 1,028,400 emergency
      room visits. If accurate, these figures are very troubling.

  3. They have to give 100 flu shots to prevent one case of the flu, thus the flu shot is essentially useless. Better to strengthen your immune system with healthy organic food and cut out toxins like tobacco, alcohol, junk food and soda.

  4. Undertakers – funeral homes probably getting kick backs from pharma death machine. LOL

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