FORMER CAMPAIGN MANAGER: Trump must fulfill vaccine safety now with ‘deep state on defense’

FORMER CAMPAIGN MANAGER: Trump must fulfill vaccine safety now with ‘deep state on defense’

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Roger Stone, Trump’s former campaign head, is pulling few punches when he exclaims what he feels Trump needs to be doing in terms of vaccine safety in America. In an article written by Stone, which appeared on Stone Cold Truth this week, Stone urges President Trump to take action and appoint Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as head of the Vaccine Safety Committee.

“Now that he’s got the Deep State on defense, he should press his advantage by fulfilling his promises that gained him cross-party support that helped get him elected. He must move forward with his promise of appointing Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to lead a Vaccine Safety Commission.”

Of course, this was one of President Trump’s big campaign promises. It caused roaring controversy all over the Internet. In the initial stages of his Presidency, Trump seemed to be on a path to fulfill this promise. However, there has been mostly a silent front in regards to any activity in the space. Some of that could be due to Trump wanting to avoid discussing a campaign promise he’s potentially found impossible to fulfill while other reasons could be as simple as his constant battles with the media being of a highly preoccupying nature.

Stone, however, points out that President Trump has fulfilled certain actions in the pharmaceutical space, such as creating a special commission to review the opioid crisis in our country.

Only a couple of months into his presidency, in March 2017, Donald Trump launched a special commission to investigate the opioid crisis that is wreaking havoc across the United States.

A potential shot at Trump’s vaccine safety inactivity? Possibly. Stone seems to imply that Trump has dropped the ball in the vaccine safety space. Stone calls out the vaccine industry more than he asserts opinions on specific unsafe vaccines.

…the actual industry of creating the vaccines that get pumped into Americans has undergone less scrutiny.

One thing is certain, there are many who refuse to give up a dream that a vaccine safety committee will be launched with an end-goal of observing and overseeing big pharmaceutical companies who create massive scale vaccines.

2 thoughts on “FORMER CAMPAIGN MANAGER: Trump must fulfill vaccine safety now with ‘deep state on defense’

  1. Didn’t candidate Trump say that the pharmaceutical companies are getting away with murder? Not just President Trump, but many famous people had their children injured or killed by vaccines. For example, Diane Feinstein, Robert DeNiro, Sylvester Stallone, and John Travolta, And yet our politicians do not acknowledge the problem, let alone do anything about it.

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