Chemtrails – I Was The Doctor Treating The Pilots – Dr. Deagle

Dr. Bill Deagle on Weaponized Weather Programs, Biological Weapons, Micro-toxins

One thought on “Chemtrails – I Was The Doctor Treating The Pilots – Dr. Deagle

  1. Mycotoxins were used (according to Tom Valentine and Nick Spondias’s book “Search For Health”, chapter titled “WW 1 Spy Story”) first to disable people’s immune systems completely, and then the planes sprayed a regular flu virus all over Germany. The ‘symptoms’ were not a normal flu, their lungs hemorrhaged and they suffocated within hours of their first symptoms. The British army secret service was involved in this, which is why from what the story said the British people did not suffer deadly flu, just normal flu. The rest of the world, well a lot of people died during the “Influenza outbreak” of 1918.

    I wish the guy in this video would tell how he was treating the chemtrail pilots for what I am guessing is exposure to the chemtrails the morons are spraying. That would be a great thing to know!

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