Dr. Ilya Perlingieri The Environment/Chemtrails Lecture 2012

Educator, environmental writer, and author of “The Uterine Crisis,” Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri was a speaker at the first US Chemtrails Conference in August 2012. It was a 3-day event held in Los Angeles, called: “Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails.” The title of Dr. Perlingieri’s talk is: “The Assault on Our Health. Environmental Illness and Aerosol Pollution: Connecting the Dots.” This lecture also includes Dr. Perlingieri’s recommended SOLUTIONS. Everyone has an opportunity not to support companies that are harming us. These are part of the solutions.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Ilya Perlingieri The Environment/Chemtrails Lecture 2012

  1. I was wondering why you are posting a 2012 conference? Dr. P… [ all of us in Portland, OR affectionately called her died in San Diego near her own ND a few years ago. Sadly her own son and daughter would not take her in or help her while she lived from here to her home in Maine. She was very much alone in this later time of life and death. Many advocates and whistleblowers find the same treatment from family and even friends often dying somewhere alone. These issues she and Clifford who is amazing- have presented so well or so many years falls on ears of apathy, people who see this like a sci-fi movie, eating popcorn and talking about the doom as if they had no role in changing this scenario. It is not a movie it is real life. I am sick inside to watch the years go on getting darker and we see no warriors taking a stand

    1. Posting for the newbies to the site so they can get up to speed on the issues and to keep Dr. Ilya Perlingieri’s work alive.

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