Post from YouTuber Mike Decker

Military/Contractor Coming Out Of Denver CO ‘No Info Available/NA’ 1/14/18 Big Chemical Dump For Solar Geoengineering Programs #WEDONOTCONSENT

FAA Cessna 560 Citation (C56X)

4 thoughts on “Mike Decker Catches FAA Jet (C56X) Spraying Chemtrails Over Wyoming

  1. Oh, yes, just the perfect conditions for a CON. TRAIL. I hope you are still f’ing with your local idiot cops. Love ya , Mike. Keep on exposing the criminals and stick it in their faces.

  2. Doesn’t it make you wonder WHY they are hitting Wyoming so damn hard?
    I commented before about what I saw leaving Casper headed to Ft Bridger in Jan. 2011. Absolutely disgusting!!!

  3. They are hitting all of us. Mike Decker is doing a FAB job documenting this.

  4. Chemtrails sprayed over Wyoming allow weather manpulation in California and elsewhere.

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