Wed. Jun 19th, 2019

Purpose of Chemtrails with AC Griffith

Purpose of Chemtrails with AC Griffith

Listen to this compelling interview from insider, AC Griffith, as he discusses the military use of the covert aerosol program we know as chemtrails. ‘We know people have died over this program – to keep them quiet.’  Be fearless and spread the word or we all will all suffer the consequences of non-action.

3 thoughts on “Purpose of Chemtrails with AC Griffith

  1. Guerilla bumper stickering is always a good way to spread the word…. 🙂
    It’s too bad DARPA ended up getting its hands on Tesla’s notebooks and technologies. That was “falling into the wrong hands”.
    Read Revelations and pray to God. Keep your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ strong, In the mind of God this has already come to pass. Pray for our deliverance from this chemtrail evil.

  2. As soon as I can get out to the local hardware store, I’m going to build one of these ‘orgone’ generators and see if it actually helps to break the chemtrail clouds up.

  3. Jenny M,

    Look at my signs on my car.
    Of course, some on chemtrails.

    Also, chembuster?
    Many told me to make one but none of them made it themselves, so I was a bit skeptical and never tried.

    I’ve tried all sorts of things for my EMR/EMF sensitivities but many were just fake.

    But I’d like to hear your report.
    If you really make one, please take a video, upload on YouTube and prove that it works.

    Good luck!!

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