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What Scientists Now Know About the Impending Mini Ice Age but Aren’t Saying

What Scientists Now Know About the Impending Mini Ice Age but Aren't Saying

Harold Saive:

GLOBALISTS PREPARING MAN FOR THE WRONG CLIMATE DISASTER — IPCC in Damage Control Over Admitted Impending Global Cooling. Consensus of Climate Scientists All Failed to Predict Grand Solar Minimum Even As it Was Happening.

There is now a concerted effort to switch the narrative of global warming to global cooling in the main stream media. Along with that a shift from oceans were rising to now they are not rising, warming will stop because the mini ice age is coming, orbits of our planet are moving, Antarctic ice is not growing and a massive effort to make you believe because of a tiny amount of Arctic sea ice loss its now creating record cold across parts of the Northern Hemisphere. This is what scientist know is coming but are afraid to say, as it has drastic effects for our society moving forward.

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What Scientists Now Know About the Impending Mini Ice Age but Aren’t Saying

With talk of ‘mini ice age,’ global warming debate may again be about to change…

We’re Due For Another Ice Age But Climate Change May Push It Back Another 100,000 Years, Researchers Say…

What if the earth is actually cooling?…

Huge snowfall increases over Antarctica could counter sea level rise, scientists say…

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Arctic Sea Ice

The ‘imminent mini ice age’ myth is back, and it’s still wrong

Satellite Temperature Measurements

The Bottom of the Ocean Is Sinking

Melting glaciers aren’t just causing sea levels to rise – they’re causing the ocean floor to sink

Ocean Bottom Deformation Due To Present-Day Mass Redistribution and Its Impact on Sea Level Observations

Galactic Cross

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5 thoughts on “What Scientists Now Know About the Impending Mini Ice Age but Aren’t Saying

  1. Thanks for this Rusty, I’ll check videos etc.

    Even though I bet garbage called media has been reporting shockingly hot Australia, there are many days VERY COLD!! I saw a woman wearing a COAT FOR WINTER the other day, and that was long before sunset.

    They are simply ENHANCING the sun’s heat. Therefore, it’s super hot in the sun, but it’s COOL TO COLD in the shade, and after the sunset, it can be cold. That’s what’s been happening down here for quite some time, but media only makes a fuss when the temperature goes up BY CHEMTRAILS.

    After making so many tennis players suffer, these couple of days are COOL, only around 20C, and like late last night (or very early this morning), it was around 12C outside.

    Sheople don’t remember what the weather like in the past at all.
    So oblivious.

    Also, I remember Bill Cooper was warning about Ice Age.
    Some have been telling me that this is not global cooling but Ice Age.
    When think about the movie (animation), and the fact that Illuminati makes movies to show our future, we’d better think about this very carefully, I should say.

  2. I thought the reason this ‘global cooling’ is happening was due to the plethora of chemtrails 24/7 which is blocking the sun and cooling the earth, just like when the volcano in Java erupted and shot all that ash into the sky, creating a ‘nuclear winter’ for years. Seems like when the sun is allowed to shine, it’s very very warm.

    If the chemtrails ceased, it would warm up.

  3. Rusty,

    I made a mistake.

    > I remember Bill Cooper was warning about Ice Age

    It’s actually I HEARD that Bill Cooper warned about it but I never actually hear him say that, therefore I need to correct that. And that because I’m skeptical about this “ice age” talk, just like “global warming swindle”.

    Because, even though you say that above solar activity chart is natural, after present is just a speculation. And on top, they tried to scare us with this “ice age” talk in the past.

    I say we’d better be careful with any story which tends to make us FEAR or WORRY and we need to see things scientifically.

  4. If they stopped meddling with the weather it would not be so screwed up. Thanks, HAARP!
    I wonder how they’re going to spin this to get the gullible public to swallow even bigger lies.
    When Krakatowa erupted centuries ago, it created a huge drop in world temperatures for years afterwards. Chemtrails are doing the exact same thing and they’re trying to blame it on whatever else but the main cause- chemtrails. Sunspot activity creates more heat, there was one time where there was a 70 year period where there was essentially no sunspot activity and that is when they had the mini ice age. Not sure if that was mentioned in any videos, but that is the truth.
    We must all exercise caution in believing anything these days.

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