A Clash of Evidence: The Realities of Solar Radiation Management (SRM)

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Harold Saive comment: Global cooling might benefit from SRM if it warms things up. 

Perhaps the perps know the planet is due for a major cool-down and their agents to promote the SRM myth.

Meanwhile the AGW fraud triggers a several trillion dollar CLIMATE INDUSTRY where CO2 is the endless asset to trade.

by Cliff Carnicom

A Clash of Evidence:
The Realities of Solar Radiation Management(SRM)

by Clifford E Carnicom
Apr 06 2016

There are many environmental activists who assume a certain cause and relationship between active geoengineering programs and those projects that fall under the term of “Solar Radiation Management (SRM). This paper will reiterate the basic fallacy of that assumption, and it will direct the reader towards a more comprehensive inquiry of the true nature of the forces and agendas that are likely to be involved.

For those that do not wish to engage in the full length of this article,  the Solar Radiation Management principle is one of interfering with solar heat transfer to the earth.  There are various schemes for accomplishing this which will be discussed later; the most modest of the choices requires the introduction of certain types of particulates into the middle of the stratosphere (from about 7 to 30 miles above sea level).

The essential problem here is that geoengineering  activity as it is currently practiced (and for that matter, bioengineering as well), is operational in the troposphere (from ground level to an average of about 7 miles above sea level), and not the mid-stratosphere.  There is a world of difference between the two, but for that discussion you will have to muse yourself further into this paper.


Image source : scied.ucar.edu

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