LA Times False Flag Flu Operation Exposed

LA Times False Flag Flu Operation Exposed

Flu fear mongering – by Fake News – Private investigation found FALSE – no one waiting lines in emergency rooms, almost empty.

2 thoughts on “LA Times False Flag Flu Operation Exposed

  1. I figured as much! MSM lies again! Though a relative got the flu, they were sick for 10 days and got over it, no ‘death’ or heart attacks or any such crap! Someone I just talked to said that in Florida they’re canceling all these events because of the ‘fear’ of the flu. It’s a PSY OPS thing….she said that in a certain retail store, the employees were given a note saying that they’d be “in trouble” if they did not get the flu shot and got sick with the flu. Is that even legal???

    What are they going to do, put some weaponized form of flu in the shots? Or is this the push to force vaccinations on everyone to further cripple Americans and everyone else? The AARP had on their website the mulling over of forcing elderly people to get vaccinated or they won’t be ‘covered’ by their toxic allopathic health destroying insurance coverage. They don’t mention the kidney failures from flu vaccine (It’s in Dr. Susan Humphrie’s new book “Rising from the Dead”. I know of people- 1) her father died from the flu SHOT 2) a guy got vaccinated for the flu and started to urinate blood- and he’s still going to get them (cognitive dissonance) 3) all my relatives do not get them because they get the flu afterwards. 4) you are likely 80 pecent chance of getting Alzheimers or Dementia after getting 5 consecutive flu shots.

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