Liquefied Bodies – Drained into City Sewers used as Biosludge for Farms

Liquefied Bodies – Drained into City Sewers used as Biosludge for Farms

New “recycling” technology is actually CANNIBALISM: Dead people are liquefied, drained into city sewers, then dumped on food crops as “biosludge”

1970 movie  Soylent Green – Charlton Heston in the 1973 sci-fi classic

Green Cremation | Green and Gentle | The Natural Choice

Pioneered locally by the mayo clinic

Although it’s just now becoming available to the general public, Green Cremation is not new. In fact, this process dates all the way back to 1888. In February of 2006 the Mayo Clinic began using the process in its anatomy bequest program and then pioneered legislation in the state of Minnesota to make Minnesota the first state to have this green and gentle option available to the general public.

(Natural News) A new “recycling” technology called “bio-cremation” liquefies the dead, then dumps their liquid remains into city sewers where solid and liquid waste are collected as “biosludge” to be dumped on food crops. Those crops, in turn, are fed back to humans as part of the mainstream food supply.

In a shocking true story that’s part The Matrix and part Soylent Green, a company based in Smith Falls, Ontario has devised a “bio-cremation” system that it calls an “eco-friendly alternative to flame-based cremation or casket burials,” reports Canada’s CBC News. The company is called Hilton’s Aquagreen Dispositions and touts its approach to dissolving dead bodies as “eco-friendly alkaline hydrolysis.”

According to CBC News, dead bodies are liquefied with a “process that blends water with an alkali solution…” The company’s website describes the body liquefaction process as follows:

Bio Cremation creates a highly controlled and sophisticated environment that uniquely combines water, alkali, heat and pressure. This process biochemically hydrolyzes the human body, leaving only bone fragments. During a typical Bio Cremation cycle, the body is reduced, bone  fragments are rinsed and the remaining by-product is a sterile fluid.

There’s no mention of handling the mercury and other toxic heavy metals that would survive such a process, of course. Those metals would obviously end up in the city’s sewer system.

“The company came under fire in 2016 when it was revealed the liquid byproduct is then drained into the town’s sewage system,” reports CBC News (Canada):

Liquefied human remains to be dumped on food crops

As Natural News has extensively documented, cities across North America — including Toronto — collect sewage into so-called “biosolids” or “biosludge,” which is trucked out of the city’s sewage treatment center and dumped on food crops in rural areas.

See the trailer for the upcoming film Biosludged for more details on this alarming process that spreads toxic heavy metals, pharmaceutical chemicals and industrial pollutants onto crop soils:

In effect, the practice of “bio-cremation” means that dead humans would be liquefied and fed to plants which are then eaten by other humans. This process is almost militantly called “recycling” by proponents of biosludge and bio-cremation operations. It’s all pushed under the agenda of “green living.” Soon, it will no doubt be part of “Agenda 21” and the globalist push to kill off 90% of the human population on the planet while feeding the dead to the living. (See or for more coverage.)

Perhaps the “bio-cremation” process wouldn’t be so bad if humans weren’t already so heavily contaminated with toxic heavy metals like mercury, cadmium and lead. But thanks to the relentless contamination of the food supply, personal care products and medicines with toxic substances, most humans are so saturated with toxins that eating them would make you sick.

Eating the dead: Is body “recycling” actually cannibalism?

A more accurate description of eating recycled dead people might be “cannibalism.” Or, in the case of feeding dead people to plants and then eating the plants, it might be called “cannibalism one-step removed.” While from a scientific point of view, the idea of recycling nutrients of dead bodies back into food crops may not seem outlandish, from a humanitarian and dignity point of view, something seems incredibly inhumane and deceptive about calling it “recycling.”

By the same logic, humans should also be eating their own recycled feces and calling it “green living.” Oh wait, a new technology developed for space travel will allow astronauts to achieve exactly that: Eating their own feces. See Hey, this space lasagna tastes like crap! Astronauts to eat their own microbe-recycled human waste in latest science “breakthrough”.

The good news about all this, we’re told, is that relatives of the dead can reclaim titanium implants and other metals from the body after the liquefied remains are flushed into the city’s sewer system. “Items such as titanium implants and pacemakers can be recovered for recycling at the conclusion of the process,” touts the Hilton’s Aquagreen Dispositions FAQ page. Oh, and you also get to pick up the remaining bones, which are, “safe to handle with bare hands immediately after the process,” says the company. Yippee. This is apparently a “bonus.”

If the liquefied remains of the dead weren’t dumped back on food crops to complete the cannibalism cycle, the practice of “bio-cremation” might not seem so horrifying. But even according to the same CBC news site that reports on bio-cremation, “Of the biosolids produced across Canada each year — some estimates suggest that is about 660,000 tonnes of dried material  — about half is applied to land… the practice of spreading human manure on agricultural land is not without controversy.”

Just wait until they find out all their dead relatives have been liquefied and added to the biosludge. It gives a whole new meaning to the term, “Human waste.”

But is it maybe better than pumping dead bodies full of toxic chemicals and burying them in graveyards?

On the other hand, the current practice of pumping dead bodies full of toxic chemical preservatives and burying them in cemeteries inside overpriced wooden caskets also seems insane. It makes us wonder: Why hasn’t modern civilization come up with a dignified, eco-friendly way to honor the dead without either contaminating the soil or eating their remains?

It turns out the real answer is as old as human life itself: Bury your loved ones without injecting them with toxic chemicals first, and let nature reclaim the molecules with the help of soil microbes. It requires no electricity, no pressure chamber, no added heat, no artificial chemicals, no overpriced casket and no makeup for the body. Oh yeah, it’s also the way people have handled dead bodies for nearly the entire history of human civilization.

Maybe we should just go back to that. Or, if you’re an “environmentalist,” you could eat dirty, contaminated crops grown in the liquid remains of your loved ones. Maybe they’ll call that, “Humanponics.”

14 thoughts on “Liquefied Bodies – Drained into City Sewers used as Biosludge for Farms

  1. Mike Adams now has a great substitute for his morning green slime drink! Except he needs to remember to run his new organic slime drink through his favorite nitric acid bath first so he can separate out the heavy metals from the amalgam fillings first!

  2. I have been talking about this for years, ever since they rolled out the technology in Northern Cali. Of course, I was treated like a total nut job by everyone. Then about 3 years ago, while traveling late at night on the 405 freeway, whenever I passed grave yards or large plots of government land beside the freeway, or sewer treatment plants like the one beside the 405 freeway in Westminster, I noticed a very peculiar, easily identifiable stench which I have also smelled in my Dad’s horrible LTAC hospital from rooms with bedsore patients. Then the next day, that same area would have a very strong smell of eucalyptol. I mentioned this to several late night commuters and they said they smelled it near the cemetaries in the Northern San Fernando Valley like Mount Olympus. Same stink followed by eucalyptol. After getting denial after denial, I finally discussed this with my Dad’s mortician. He said yes, absolutely, it is being done, but we don’t do it because we don’t believe in it. He said there are so many people dying, that handling all the remains is overwhelming. Remember 2 years ago, the L.A.CO. Coroner hired 12 new assistant coroners for the coming roll out of the eugenics protocols and death panels (yes they are real…our docs went to D.C. years ago to set them up, while Hillary was trying to roll out a national insurance plan, which failed). The insurance plan failed to some extent, but the death panels and use of the Liverpool Care Pathway survived, and were incorporated into Obamacare. This disposal of the dead is so disgusting, I cannot believe nobody is saying anything. It started with Toilet to Tap, but unbeknownst to us was intended for remains disposal. It is so disgusting. The nitrogen and organic matter (amino acids and heavy metals) stay in the water and some particles are too small to remove. Do you remember the problem with low water use washing machines that would stink after every load of wash? The fluoride and other chemicals gas off, leaving the rotten meat behind in your laundry. Ever wonder why you need laundry detergent and dryer sheets that have perfume that lasts 6 months???? This is criminal activity being covered up. The deaths are not natural or normal. They are being constructed to quickly reduce the population…just like the Georgia Guide Stones state. Every damned government agency is in on this! There is no longer anyone out there to save innocent people from the eugenics grist mill! If you spend time and money to live a healthy life…too bad. “They” want you gone to seize your social security, Medicare benefits and your estate and your childrens too, by way of illegal guardianships. Yes. This is very real. People need to wake the heck up and start talking and planning a way to dismantle this evil and jail the perverts who set it up!!! Please spread the word and share to everyone!!!!

  3. There is a gravesite that bury people wrapped in a blanket. I saw a documentary on it a few years ago. I think it was in the Midwest, can’t remember where. It was in a forest area to nourish wild plant life.

  4. A county board supervisor told me that most countries don’t do autopsies because of the expense. They just guess at the cause of death, no toxicology blood work.

    Unlike detective TV shows, where the homeless are given complete autopsies and toxicology blood work. LOL

  5. Water has Memory

    From Masaru Emoto’s work we are provided with factual evidence that human vibrational energy, thoughts, words, ideas and music, affect the molecular structure of water, the very same water that comprises over seventy percent of a mature human body and covers the same amount of our planet.

    So, the vibrational frequency of water in deceased humans who are liquefied would likely be retained in the biosluge b/c energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change form.

  6. Thank you for this info. And they say don’t drink Pepsi as it has it in it’s formula… they say.

  7. After reading the article and reading the comments, I agree with Gretchen. Liquefying bodies must be cost effective as well as the ability to get rid of the mass bodies that will and are dying off. I have known for some time that a massive health crisis is under way. We haven’t seen the worst yet obviously, but when we do, they are ready to process the bodies in mass. The fact that the plan is to spread it out on our crops is no surprise. Take the waste and dump it into our environment. I wouldn’t be surprised if we find out they are spraying us with ourselves. This is extremely unsettling.

    1. Here is one brand
      Milorganite is one of the oldest branded fertilizers on the market. It’s composed of heat-dried microbes that have digested the organic matter in wastewater. Milorganite is manufactured by the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District. The District captures wastewater from the metropolitan Milwaukee area, including local industries such as MillerCoors.

      Using large-scale processes that mimic nature, microbes digest the nutrients found in the water. The cleaned water is returned to Lake Michigan while the microbes are kiln-dried into small pellets. So Milorganite is actually a bag of dried microbes!

  8. The article neglected to tell where are they getting the bodies from? Most people claim their relatives. I guess not all.

    They ‘recycle’ dead animals into pet food. This was known back in 2010, they were saying that the dog food is really made out of dead euthanized dogs. They don’t even take the collars off. And the drugs used to kill the animals are still in the pet food.
    They had a recent ‘problem’ with it (walmart etc) saying the pet food was contaminated with chemicals from euthanasia- sounds like damage control to me.

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