Austin Bennett for CA State Senate, Geoengineering, Fluoride, GMOs

Austin Bennett for CA State Senate, Geoengineering, Fluoride, GMOs

Austin Bennett speaks the TRUTH!

Austin Bennett discusses CA Congressman John Garamendi (D) who sat on the committee and subcommittee on science and technology House of Representatives per the implementation and justification for Geoengineering. There is no question our weather is being modified and the People of the world are suffering for it.

2 thoughts on “Austin Bennett for CA State Senate, Geoengineering, Fluoride, GMOs

  1. Dear Austin.
    I have listened your presentation with great attention; needless to say that I share with you your concern for the ways the world is going. I only hope that more people like you could stand up to the evil forces – like you are doing – that are driving us to our own destruction.

    I am an engineer born and graduated in Spain. After : I worked over 40 years overseas, of those, 14 years with Bechtel in San Francisco and overseas. I returned to Spain for retirement. Ever since, I have been very much involved in what I deemed worthy causes such as GMO`s, fracking, smart meters and, principally, in geo-engineering.

    Attached photo, recently taken from my house in Madrid, shows the large number of chemical trails left by unidentified planes that fly over our skies on a daily basis. I am sure you will understand the very deep contempt that I feel for the people ultimately responsible for the dropping of noxious chemicals over our heads in an attempt to control the weather for military purposes. Having said that, you will understand how much I appreciate your efforts.
    Keep up your good work
    Best regards
    Manuel Delgado
    Unfortunately, I could not include the photo

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