White House Petition to Ban Funding for Heavy Metals used in Weather Modification

White House Petition to Ban Funding for Heavy Metals used in Weather Modification

Ban all funding for Aluminum, Barium, and Arsenic for use in atmospheric modification for any purpose.

Immediately cease all funding, and ban any future expenditures for the purchase of Aluminum, Barium, (Barium Titanate) , and Arsenic in any form including powder for use in any form of atmospheric manipulation. This is to include any, and ALL aircraft, Sea vessels, and land based atmospheric injection systems.

Let this be the administration that ends the slow kill poisoning of our planet, and people.


White House Petition to Ban Funding for Heavy Metals used in Weather Modification

16 thoughts on “White House Petition to Ban Funding for Heavy Metals used in Weather Modification

  1. I want to be able to live in a country that cares about our well-being and our planet. These chemicals you are spraying, are disrupting my hormones, causing people I know to get sick, this is no way to treat people.

  2. Stop – just stop it – people have had enough of the bullshit with the NWO, geo-engineering, weather modification, GMOs, vaccines, big pharma, the corruption in every aspect of our lives, contaminated waters, wars, stop being a puppet and stop with the bullshit!

  3. The air we breathe has been hijacked. If you doubt this or the presence of nanobots in you from chemtrails, not mentioned in the Petition, do the wine/peroxide mouth rinse test. https://ourgreaterdestiny.wordpress.com/2018/01/13/morgellons-from-chemtrails-a-natural-medicine-approach/

    Petitions help raise awareness however governments tend to ignore them. What we need is a massive education program followed by hundreds of thousands of people waking up to the war for our Soul so we speak up collectively to end inhumane acts on populations and set ourselves free. http://www.thelibertybeacon.com/the-role-of-aluminum-in-changing-human-biology-to-accept-the-ionized-atmosphere-we-live-in-part-2-guest-elana-freeland-videos

  4. Please stop all spraying poison in our skies above the USA. Killing us, animals, trees, food supply.

  5. This is killing our planet. We all live here. Wake up from this insanity and stop. just Stop.

  6. please share the crap out of this. stop standing around and getter done. At least to let them know we know and want this terrorism stopped.

  7. I find these acts against U.S. Citizens both treasonous and unauthorized in it’s use of tax payer monies towards this activity. What ever the agenda, please stop this assault and put this money spent for something that benefits of all.

  8. SURELY, if no health concern were at issue, the dumping of metals in our country by way of air would clearly be an expensive operation… money that could easily be spent on any number of truly important things going on in our country, as well as stopping the further drain on monetary resources by way of flooding rainfalls, hurricanes, and mudslides to name a few.
    And then there is the health issues… human diseases, animal diseases, diseased vegetation, metals in farm supplied food, water supply and animals eating vegetation and then ending up on the dinner plate, milk, dairy, and the list goes on.

    1. Yes it would be great if the trillions spent for war would be used to benefit us. Unfortunately profits are generated with slavery, war and genocide. What a strange world we live in.

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