Kill Cities - Deborah Tavares - The Rothschild's Plans for America

The scope and horror of what is unfolding will leave you seething with anger. But it’s not too late – if we educate our friends and neighbors and take action to stop this madness, now. Visit Deborah’s site for all of her latest information.

The 10% Resilience Pledge urges mayors of 100RC cities to make the most ambitious commitment to city resilience in history, promising 10% of their cities’s annual budgets toward resilience-building goals and projects, without raising additional funds or taxes.

On December 2, 2015 at COP21 in Paris, we announced the first round of Pledge signees. On March 28, 2017, Santiago de Chile, Chile became the 28th and most recent global signee to the pledge.

The restructuring of North America.

4 thoughts on “Kill Cities – Deborah Tavares – The Rothschild’s Plans for America

  1. Tavares, is simply talking about…..Agenda21 (UN) and the NWO.

    Rebuilding North America is the NAFTA HIGHWAY…Trump will Preside over this,

    Constantly blaming the Front Men and Women and Organizations is a dis-service.

    RAND Corp. is a Premiere Think Tank, there are over 10,000 world wide.

    The UN is the Administator for the NWO.


    All the NGO’s….OWNS and Runs , along with Jesuit, ROME all Banking and Money on the Planet.

    Built in 1291 by the Templars (Royals),,,mixing Bloodlines of Ancient IRAN and EQYPT….owners of the Planet.

    Started Masonry to Infiltrate the Globe throught Oaths.

    This is a brief overview.

    Knowing the Facts and not the usual propaganda is neccessary.

  2. American Planning Association , RAND corporation ( think Tank ) , Council on Foreign Relations and the UN . Professor Janice Perlman of UC Berkeley is primarily the founder of the ” Mega Cities Project ” and even the US Army has declared to be the future ” Security Force ” for these massive Regions . All these NGO entities have levered their way into US Policy , and anyone can see the progressive accomplishment of this Regionalist , Globalist agenda today ! Los Angeles is now a new Mega City and engulfs all of Southern California , New York is a new Mega City , Mexico City a Mega City , there’s around 26 in the world now . Just take a drive to Los Angeles and look at the construction all around the outside of the county , Massive ! Using Climate Change as a foundation ,makes no sense to the Growth of Human expansion , down sizing would be more believable . and as most people are somewhat aware of UN Agenda 21 , forcing all citizens into these Mega Cities is believable . As to this video by Mrs. Tavares , Personally I believe once all Humans are contained in these Cities , the slow kill will advance ! containment is crucial in their mindset of Depopulation . STAY AWAY FROM THE CITIES !

  3. Ultimately, they may be herding the “masses” into mega cities so it’s easier for them to exterminate them easily.
    The satanic freemasons cause the ‘crisis’ and then offer the ‘solution’.

    Funny how they had the announcement on Oct 30, 2017, sign of Scorpio. If you read Juri Lina’s excellent book “Architects of Deception”, the illuminati freemason’s frequently use astrology and certain sun signs to do their dirty work. Scorpio is a big one for them to do some of their executing of their plans. Another excellent book is “Protocols of Zion” by Victor Mardsen (translator).

    Trees are dying thanks to CHEMTRAILS. Look at all the lichens that are growing on them and the ground and mold on houses and cars. This is chemtrail related.

    Watch “Brazil” by Terry Gilliam, he shows their plans years ago.

    HAARP is causing “climate change”. It’s a global tax they want.
    Maybe they should solve the REAL dangers in the world, plastic in the oceans, glyphosate sprayed all over the planet in the air, soil food and water.

    Read Revelations in the New Testament Bible. Keep the Faith. Pray to God and Jesus Christ for guidance and strength.

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