Patrick Roddie San Francisco refuses to release death stats – I’ve been trying to get the San Francisco Department of Public Health to release the numbers of deaths in the city and they have been stonewalling since August – despite being mandated to provide public records within ten days. This video is my opening statement at the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force meeting on February 7, 2018. DPH are hiding behind an State ordinance stating that comprehensive death records are exempt from the California Public Records Act – even though I am not asking for comprehensive records. The task force continued the case to a future meeting.

3 thoughts on “Patrick Roddie San Francisco refuses to release death stats

  1. Sounds like it’s time to apply more pressure by going a step up. but to where ?

  2. Patrick, You are awesome. I stand with you. Any events or protests let me know.

  3. One of the most bravest men I know today. Thank you and God protect you from ALL HARM, Amen.

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