PRODUCT RECOMMENDATION – Uncle Harry’s Remineralization for Teeth

PRODUCT RECOMMENDATION - Uncle Harry's Remineralization for Teeth

From Admin – I have been using Uncle Harry’s Remineralization Liquid for more than 1 year. Last visit the Dentist for a cleaning, no plaque, no horrid scratching sounds when cleaning my teeth. My exposed roots had been remineralized! Dental cleaning was finished in 15 minutes, Dental Hygienist was impressed and I gave her a sample.

‘Hold ten drops of liquid in your mouth until wet with saliva. Swish with the alkaline saliva mixture for five minutes. Spit out. Rinsing not necessary. Use frequently, especially after meals.’

I don’t have to brush my teeth with this product. I occasionally use a wash cloth to clean my teeth. The intelligent tongue is scanning my teeth for status and no plaque.

‘Remineralization Liquid protects tooth enamel by neutralizing acids and bacteria, supplying calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus for strengthening teeth, and promoting an alkaline pH of the mouth. Packaged in a glass bottle with a squeeze-bulb dropper top, this option is a fun alternative to our Remineralization Powder. Great mouth freshener after meals!’

3 thoughts on “PRODUCT RECOMMENDATION – Uncle Harry’s Remineralization for Teeth

  1. So glad it works! I may have to try that out, though I use the Weston Price diet to keep my teeth from falling out, but plaque is really a problem for me even then. I also use cod liver oil/butter oil to keep my teeth in good shape, so far so good, though it’s expensive and I can’t buy it as much as I’d like.
    Nixing sugary junk and refined carbohydrates can help protect your teeth and bones too.

    1. I was so impressed – and so was my dental hygienist. My teeth are shiny and no plaque. The intelligent tongue is constantly scanning for plaque and there is none! Even the lower jaw front teeth, where plaque builds up due to the salivary glands LOL

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