Free Flu Shots for New South Wales – Australia

Free Flu Shots for New South Wales – Australia

Post from Aus 911Truth: Free flu vaccinations will now be available for all NSW children between six months and five years old, after a horror season killed

2 – two preschoolers in 2017.

374 died from auto accidents in 2017.

The NSW government will invest $3.5 million in 2018 for the children’s flu vaccines, Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced on Tuesday.



5 thoughts on “Free Flu Shots for New South Wales – Australia

  1. Check out Transhumanism. Could this be why the vaccinations need to transfer nanobots to set up this agenda?

    1. Definitely the agenda here – mind control with the heavy metals in the shot and all the frequencies floating around now days.

  2. Thank you Rusty!
    On top,

    A Commonwealth-funded immunisation program already provides free flu vaccinations for Aboriginal children, people aged over 65, pregnant women, and those with chronic illnesses.

    Someone in U.K. also told me when she went to a hospital, a poster of making people worry about flu and encouraging them to get a shot was everywhere, and even though she’s a reader of my blog and knows it’s all lies, told me that she felt like taking one!

    Traitorous fraudulent criminals in COMPANIES calling themselves ‘Govern ment’ wants to kill so many of us WHILE spraying chemtrails which QUITE LIKELY contain horrible viruses to make us sick!! :O(

    1. Hi Aus: Another point to remember when being admitted to a hospital a general contract is signed – which includes the ‘standard of care’ which means they can inject you with whatever they want as this is the ‘standard of care’.

  3. > ‘standard of care’

    Oh my….
    Must be in small print as usual. :O(

    And they’re eager to kill ‘useless eaters’…
    I bet you are aware, but many are their victims in so-called psychiatric ward or ‘lunatic asylum’ while hiding the real cause (heavy metal toxins, mineral imbalance etc) and on top, old people’s homes are doing the same, it seems.

    I have a friend whose mother is in one of those in Melbourne, Vic
    and she says her brothers and sisters (don’t know how many she has) want their mother dead so that they can have some money, and apparently this ‘home’ stuff’s been poisoning her. So every time she goes to see her, the mother says “please do something”. She complains but since she doesn’t have real hard evidence, she can do only so much.

    Horrific world.

    Similar episode, I heard form a locksmith.
    This old woman insisted that somebody is coming into her house and they eventually figured out that her son-in-law DID come in and move things, so that this lady would seem like crazy to many, so that they can put her in a ‘home’ and they can sell the house.

    Where is MORAL gone??

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