Los Angeles Has Criminalized Poverty by Making It Illegal to Sleep in Cars and RVs

Los Angeles Has Criminalized Poverty by Making It Illegal to Sleep in Cars and RVs

New rules target the homeless

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(TMU— Rising rent prices and low wages have resulted in thousands of people across the city of Los Angeles becoming homeless, many of them now living in cars and RVs if they were able to keep it together that well.

According to the most recent counts by the KPCC, there are at least 7,000 people live in their cars in Los Angeles.

Many of these people still maintain jobs and try to live the most fulfilled lives that they can, but they are constantly facing problems from authorities.

It is such a common issue that many churches have opened up their parking lots to people living out of their cars. For example, the New Beginnings Counseling Center opened up their parking lot for a “Safe Parking program, which was intended to provide a safe and welcome parking place for people living out of their cars. Unfortunately, under new legislation passed in Los Angeles, programs like this will be illegal, because sleeping in cars and RVs have been entirely outlawed.

Under the new laws, it is illegal to sleep in a car or RV that is parked in a residentially zoned area from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. Areas within one block of a park, daycare, or school are entirely off limits. Fines will range anywhere from $25 to $75 which is impossible to pay for most people in these situations.

In 2014, LA lawmakers attempted to pass a similar bill but it was shot down in a federal appeals court. The judge in the case ruled that the legislation was “broad enough to cover any driver in Los Angeles who eats food or transports personal belongings in his or her vehicle. Yet it appears to be applied only to the homeless.”

The policy is up for debate and reconsideration in July, where homeless advocates are expected to strongly protest for an appeal.

Policies like this can have disastrous consequences, in Canada where laws like this have been implemented for some time, one man racked up over $110,000 worth of fines for essentially being homeless.

Last year, The Mind Unleashed reported that the city of Seattle was planning to set up razor-wire fencing to keep homeless populations from camping. Then, earlier this year we reported that San Francisco was using robots to scare homeless people away from encampments and report them to police.

Not soon after that, the city of San Francisco spent $8,700 installing large boulders under overpasses to prevent homeless people from setting up camps. There were numerous homeless encampments in the area until they were recently forced out of the area, and now the City’s government is doing everything they can to keep the camps out of the area.

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6 thoughts on “Los Angeles Has Criminalized Poverty by Making It Illegal to Sleep in Cars and RVs

  1. If it’s illegal, are they going to now arrest all of them and put them in jail? I used to work in a jail and that’s what a lot of the inmates do, is commit some crime to they have a place to stay. Do you realize how much money it costs to house these people per day? Guess!! This is definitely not the answer.

  2. Probably jails are private – make money to lock you up. Unions are responsible for passing laws for incarceration. Guess they want to homeless to be jailed – and get the shot. This does not make sense. California is broke….

  3. The State is a sewer ! There is no answer to the Homeless , and the State thinks this Sustainable High Rise crap is going to help end poverty , or their path to United Nations Agenda 21 . There is no reversing the permanent damage done to the whole state since 1945 , They try keeping the economy intact by building more Roof Tops , they sell building permits every day by the thousands , because if the Counties don’t bend over to General Contractors and Land Developers , They Get Sued ! The State is beyond what anyone ever thought it would turn out to be , a slow diseased fruit from the Tree . In one hundred years it’s anyone’s guess what will become of the West Coast.

  4. The West Coast is not a Failure by the people’s hand- The Crony Capitalist system, with an illegitimate money creation system is what the proximate cause of the downfall- More Money chasing fewer dwellings was the inherent design flaw Agenda 21 seeks to “remedy” this by just “culling out the unwanted “eaters ” as the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers call them , Hence was Initiated “Sustainable growth” another euphamism for human genocide.
    This was Hitler’s Favorite game taken here by “Operation Paper Clip “Thanks to this Phenomenon ” Hitler is alive and well” By using Global warming as a COVER GAME the elitists intend to “boil the frog … ever so slowly–Today
    The US Luftwaffe Bombed the crap out of Central Florida- Lithium Sulphate — ( bends minds ever so acutely)_
    They will never let the former owner of the homes that the Boeing Blue lazer “took out” come back and live there
    They want to build FEMA 6 story PENITENTIARIES –They will Kill us all if we do not mobilize and take them out

  5. Situation is very simple. They are wanting all the homeless in one area to start their experiments so after this martial law will be in to effect. FEMA camps all over the place he will not be able to leave unless someone from the FEMA organization is with you. The best thing to do is get out of the United States of America, and get lost somewhere in South America because the s*** will the fan real soon Roundup has begun and game is over. Why do you think there are so many Preppers in the United States? Good luck America well I’m talking about the good citizens.

  6. Los Angeles, but the ‘angels’ are the fallen ones. Shows how much they care about people in LA- they don’t! Except the churches, at least they have some Christ-like humanity in them.
    They’re doing that also so they can confiscate their vehicles, probably. It’s bad enough to be homeless, why make it worse? I thought all the ‘bleeding heart liberals’ lived in LA???
    Why aren’t all these holly Weird rich people opening up their giant multimillion dollar homes to the poor?

    The whole planned economic debacle could be solved, except the freemason/Satanists don’t want it to be.
    Read “Architects of Deception” by Juri Lina- he showed how they destroy economies and how some economies prospered by getting rid of ursury (interest).

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