Vaccines Geoengineering and Mind Control

Vaccines Geoengineering and Mind Control

Germ warfare, thought control

5 thoughts on “Vaccines Geoengineering and Mind Control

  1. To Th United States Air Force – ONCE A PROUD GROUP OF PATRIOTS But are no longer Patriots as the have now murdered at least 84 children with their Q4 and Q9 Reaper Drones- They will all pay a horrible price for this act of barbarism

  2. Ohio skies were sprayed heavily February 13th. I took photos. That week myself, husband and daughter became very sick (we are never sick). And, so did so many others in our town and surrounding towns. Everyone was complaining of being sick. I’ve been noticing our Ohio skies being sprayed a couple times a month.

    We are being POISONED via vaccine products and chemtrails.

    I fear for my daughter’s future. I don’t think there will be one for her because no one seems to be able to know how to stop what is going on. It’s Nazi Germany all over again but worse! This is a worldwide holocaust!

    We know how to detox but it’s not going to be enough when our environment and our citizens are so poisoned.

    We must stop the enemy or our children will have no future. This is our reality!

    Linda Racey Bogle
    Ohio, USA

  3. Reply to Milt Farrow -Nazi – Hitler lie – he did not want central banking – no 6 million killed. Holocaust created to cover-up the unspeakable crimes of the US and UK during WWII
    More false flags exposed by James Fetzer (is the Distinguished McKnight University Professor Emeritus of the philosophy of science at the University of Minnesota Duluth), lives in the Madison area:
    James was considering a trip to Germany, but was advised not to go. Germany and Austria jails anyone who contradicts the official holocaust story.
    Do youtube search for ernst zündel holocaust – how he tried to clear the German name – said he would apologize if he was wrong – sent top US chemist to camps – no poison gas found – cambers not enough capacity – holocaust created to cover-up the unspeakable crimes of the US and UK during WWII – Hitler didn’t want a central bank

    I have German roots and did not take German in High School because of this propaganda.

    History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon. Napoleon Bonaparte

    It’s all a lie, just like the medical stuff!

  4. They must be spraying because we get pink/red skys around here (in Northern WV).

    Am experiencing some of these symptoms of lithium exposure- however I found out that the reason I was having frequent menses was due to being exposed to wifi/cellphone radiation. It started gradually and ended up after a year, of having 2 menstrual cycles per month. It was due to cell phone radiation.

    Anyone testing their local rainwater for these chemicals? Fungus is growing ALL OVER around here, all over trees, even on painted surfaces!

    Fluoride is causing people to be apathetic. That and causing Alzheimers/dementia/bone cancer/thyroid problems.

    Organic high quality animal fats in your diet can help protect against these toxins and cancerous substances- maybe that’s why the “Food Pyramid” and “My Plate” eschew them and push all this vegan/vegetarian eating?

    MSM doesn’t mention ANY of this.

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