Salem Oregon Chemtrail Protest March 9, 2018

Salem Oregon Chemtrail Protest March 9, 2018

Friday, March 9 at 9 AM – 2 PM PST
Salem State Capitol in Oregon
Salem, Oregon 97302

Please join us as we rally on the steps of the State Capital in Salem to protest the planned poisoning of Humanity. Weather Modification or geoengineering has been going on for years. The chemicals, called chemtrails that are sprayed into our atmosphere are very hazardous to our health and to our environment. It is important to take this information out onto the streets to inform the American people of the secret operations that are happening without their knowledge or consent. We will be going live, so please join us, share and post comments. We appreciate your support and encouragement. If you can, join us and be a part of the solution! See you there, rain or shine! We will have information and coffee!


Salem Oregon Chemtrail Protest March 9, 2018

5 thoughts on “Salem Oregon Chemtrail Protest March 9, 2018

  1. Heartened to see you were demonstrating. I am in Missouri. Thank you.

  2. Thanks from the SF bay area. Very intense spray with multiple aircraft today that spread out more rapidly. Almost a whiteout within 3 hours. These supposedly educated people are completely unaware or in denial.

  3. The only way anyone is going to stop this horror is with SAM’s , or rouge , defected fighter pilots ! the whole world has been Protesting this assault on populations , and Protesting doesn’t do a thing . Corporations , multinational NGO’s are the culprits because government denies this exists . Are we going to continue to let these Organizations pollute our air ? Then Civilian ” War ” has to be implemented against this enemy , and it is an enemy ! Unless of course these high flying jets hold passengers , and really do emit Contrails ? A fighter pilot could determine this in one flight !

  4. Be vocal and point it out to those around you. It is not ok and we should not go quietly to our chemical induced environment. It is killing the trees in Northern Illinois – not to mention bees and amphibians.

    Look at local solutions to bust the clouds and clean the environment. Solutions are out there.

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