A BIG Thank you to Kathleen and Robyn for providing awareness today at the Oregon State Capital! 

You are Being Sprayed Like a Bug!!

Community for education on issues of crimes against humanity. Health issues concerning geoengineering, chemtrails, HAARP, GWEN and weather modification.


5 thoughts on “You Deserve to Know – Columbia River Gorge Skywatchers Protest at Oregon Capital!

  1. Do those politicians not know they are breathing the same poison air we are. What about their children? Are they that dimwitted? It certainly appears that way.

  2. It’s all a ‘conspiracy’ theory. A friend relayed the spraying info to a state legislator. When she talked about it, other state legislative members, all rolled their eyes. LOL

  3. Thanks to everyone who showed up, and for raising awareness so that people can safeguard themselves and family.

  4. Thank you Columbia River Gorge Skywatchers for getting out the word in person!

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