Weather and Chemtrail Solutions: Think Outside The Box and Meet Harry Rhodes

Weather and Chemtrail Solutions: Think Outside The Box and Meet Harry Rhodes

Weather and Chemtrail Solutions: Think Outside The Box and Meet Harry RhodesMany of us tend to just get used to the deteriorating condition of life on our planet and the spread of every kind of atrocity we can imagine. We try to forget about what’s really going on, just because it’s too unpleasant to really focus on for very long at one time. But some people have a different reaction. When they realize there are bad things going on, they feel they have to do something to help find a solution and act on it.

Such was the response of Englishman Harry Rhodes when he realized what was going on with the worldwide chemical air raid going on over his head just about every day. When Harry understood that the long lines he saw coming out the back of jet aircraft were not ice crystals (“contrails”), but instead were solid particulates of toxic metals and other chemical and biological poisons, he knew he could not just ignore the magnitude of this threat to all life on Earth. He prayed to be shown a solution to this global problem. The answer came quickly and appeared on his computer screen. What developed from there is an amazing story that most people might find impossible to believe.

But the story is real. And it has implications for our future will affect every one of us, and in fact, they already are. Harry will be with us this Sunday on Lost Arts Radio, to explain what he was shown to do, how he acted on the specific answer to his request, and what this means for you. I think you will want to be there when we have this discussion.

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1 thought on “Weather and Chemtrail Solutions: Think Outside The Box and Meet Harry Rhodes

  1. If you can get ahold of a copy, the book “Search For Health” by Tom Valentine, his chapter “World War 1 Spy Story” mentions the spraying first of mycotoxins and then a flu virus which turned into the “Spanish Flu” pandemic.

    Regarding the “Super Dawn” that Mr. Rhodes mentioned- I had been seeing them frequently during the nights in 2011. They can cause weather changes and earthquakes- just before the Haitian earthquake in 2011 I was awake at about 2:00 AM. I was looking out the window and saw bright flashes of light in the sky. Shortly thereafter we got a monster snowstorm and Haiti got an earthquake. This smacks of Tesla technology.

    Interesting that he mentioned the imploding vortex as the most powerful form of energy- Victor Schaumberg had a ‘trout turbine engine’ that supposedly worked, instead of explosive outward radiating energy, it was a cooling implosive energy. Antigravity systems were supposed to use this idea (source “Hunt for Zero Point” by Nick Cook and “Viktor Schauberger, a Life Learning from Nature”).

    Secret Life of Plants by Tompkins and Byrd mention how plants quite amazing with their abilities- I tried using the advice where ‘plants grow to please you’ sort of ala Luther Burbank, and tried it out on cactus seeds, I just held them in my hand, concentrated on them and asked them (while sending ‘love’ to them) if they would grow in interesting ways. Out of the 15 seeds, I had 1 that absolutely amazed me with its creative growth, it started shooting out little cactus arms all over the place, another developed an ‘aerial root’ (This type of cactus doesn’t make those), and another got a really pointy type growing end on the top of it. Plants are attracted or repelled by certain types of music, so it would make sense that they’re attracted to the translators mentioned in this awesome video you provided. 🙂

    As Edgar Cayce said, “Thoughts become things- choose the good ones!”
    Pray to God that His will be done, in you through you. Amen.

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