5G Kill Grid – They Won’t Fire A Shot, They Will Cook You!!!

The Fullerton Informer Very important information you will hear nowhere else! Joe Imbriano discusses the plan to microwave all of us and how it eventually will result in forced vaccinations unless we thwart their evil plans for culling humanity. www.5gdangers.com I also entered this into the public record at the 2-6-18 Fullerton City Council Meeting-

2 thoughts on “5G Kill Grid – They Won’t Fire A Shot, They Will Cook You!!!

  1. THANK YOU JOE for your excellent commentary, proactiveness and information! I know this is VERY frustrating. I’ve been trying to wake people up over the years about eating healthy diets with good animal fats and turn the food pyramid upside down. Once I found the dangers of this EMR from wifi (or more like DIE FI), dumbphones and its ilk, I’ve told many people about it.
    I think it may be the fluoride in the water, but most think I’m just worried about nothing. I found out (from not being around EMF for about a month that exposure to others wifi and wireless devices only 2 times a week was causing my menstrual cycles to increase. It took a year, but I got up to 2 cycles per month. It sucks just having one per month. So, I told people that I’d been visiting that I can’t see them every week (because their BLEEPING STUPID WIRELESSS @$#$#@$#@ IS SCREWING WITH MY HORMONAL REGULATORY SYSTEM). I told them for my and my family’s health I had to cut it down to once every 2 weeks.
    Reactions? Well, my one histrionic relative freaked out (yes, just over this), yelling that I can’t ‘change the world’ and other illogical statements. I told them that I was aware I can’t change their behavior, I can only change MY behavior, which is due to their not willing to go without their radiation spewing devices.
    Luckily, I can do this and the aforementioned histrionic relative lives out of town and doesn’t visit frequently. Of course when I did recently see them they didn’t give a rats butt about anyone and were attached to their dumbpad like a binky or a blankie. The other reactions were being called a ‘recluse’ (I’m guessing it’s not the spider they were talking about), and when I told those who I attend church with, the minister mentioned the verse about not being attached to our ‘world’, yet they can’t seem to DETACH from their devices! I also sent him links to the dangers of EMR and others. Yes, a bit of a hypocrite because he seems to think they should lock the doors of the church during services (due to the possible threat of guns). He’s also big into listening to MD’s (Mentally Deranged) allopathic nutjobs that are just usually glorified pharmaceutical reps. One good thing I did notice is not sure if it’s due to me talking to the Reverend, but some of the people who had been using these huge ipads were not using them since I talked about it to Rev. The one guy who is sadly too close (and I brought a microwave detector which registered his active use of the accursed dumphone) still used his and one time his eyes were hurting him. I took the opportunity to tell him that the light from the screen (man made blue light) can cause eye problems and damage the cells in his eyes (read this in a Carotec.com newsletter).
    Try to not get too upset about this (I know it is very very hard- I couldn’t sleep a few nights ago, we just got a notice they’re forcing smart meters on all of us in the area), the stress won’t help your body any. I keep praying to God to protect all of us from this evil that’s being foisted upon the world. Remember, that in the end God wins!
    Eating right does help. One thing that is good is, when you said that this 5 G has a short operating area and is easily blocked, maybe paintball guns would help to block their signals in the environment?
    Also, the assertion they’ll blame this on a virus is a very astute observation. They’ve ‘renamed’ polio to RSV syndrome, according to Dr. Susan Humprhies, MD. Her books are excellent, especially her historical delving into the real causes of infectious diseases, and some ways to cure them.
    Dr. Johanna Budwig found the cause of cancer, she used flax seed oil to cure it (electron gate transport reversal, causing cells to ‘ferment’ instead of breathe oxygen). Of course you know she was persecuted for her brilliance.
    I thank you for your herculean efforts to get the word out! I’m doing what I can as well, hopefully more creative methods will work better.

  2. PS: If you haven’t read it, Dr. Robert O. Becker’s book “The Body Electric” goes into the dangers of microwave signals and other EMR In the last three chapters. He mentions the “Russian Woodpecker” and it’s effects (cancer) on having microwaves beamed at the American embassy in Moscow. All three ambassadors died of cancer. Other staff were also sickened.

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