YouTube Censorship Is Killing Our Views – Literally – ENTIRE CHANNEL

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6 thoughts on “YouTube Censorship Is Killing Our Views – Literally – ENTIRE CHANNEL

  1. ABANDON YOUTUBE NOW! Stop making videos complaining about channel strikes and deletions….it won’t help get you re-instated and it’s a waste of your audience’s time.

  2. Use VIMEO instead. Once youtube got bought by the behemoth google (sucks rocks), it was all down hill from there.

    People also have to realize that they need another way to access things, what if the whole web (a freemason symbol) went down? How could anyone get ahold of people? Nobody seems to know that land line phones exist still! Everyone has their entire lives and ALL their information online or the dumphones or ipads! What happens if that info got wiped out? Everyone would be up poo creek.
    And, that is what the evil freemasonry is counting on.

  3. I’m Old School Jenny M. In My Mid Forties, And My Parents Are Baby Boomers, So At Least My Parents And me KNOW Old School Tech If NEED Be LOL! It’ll Be WEIRD To REVERT?! Or Go Back To Old School Tech After ONE/YOU Get USED To The LATEST Tech, But THESE KIDS Beyond The GENXRS AND BOOMERS, Are SO SCREWED Jenny M. LOL! 😉

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