Idiots Approving New HepB for Sexually Transmitted Disease Given to Babies at Birth

New Hepatitis B Vaccine Studies Show Disastrous Results from Vaccinating All Newborns

Totally revolting – Shocking video on how vaccines are approved – CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) meeting.

Del Bigtree  – no data, no testing! EVERYONE VOTED YES!!!!!! New HepB Vaccine, Dynavax, contains new adjuvant and just got recommended by ACIP and stocks rise. Post market surveillance data will be available in 2020 (PS – The surveillance data won’t matter because “correlation doesn’t equal causation.”)

We have no data to make a recommendation one way or the other no studies on giving more than one vaccine at a time.

hep B for sexually transmitted diseases given to your babies at birth….

Idiots Approving New HepB for Sexually Transmitted Disease Given to Babies at Birth

3 thoughts on “Idiots Approving New HepB for Sexually Transmitted Disease Given to Babies at Birth

  1. If people ever THINK, they should be able to see the lie but they DON’T THINK.
    They just TRUST the FAKE authority, and do as they are told.
    SO sad and tragic.

    Did you know that the story we were told about polio is an incredible lie?

    Just like HPV vaccines, where they lied (about the CAUSE) from the start.
    Vaccines are just cocktail of poisons, sold with tons of lies.

  2. The medical community can no longer be entruted with the people’s well being as the “hypocratic oath ” is dead on arrival The Mercu ry being spoken of is Thimerisol ( trade name i believe It as well is contained in one of the 2 offerings of flu shots One CDC Dr Fired for announcing higher flu pandemic caused by the vaccine as well the other
    Dr Cumberland missing and we should presume dead some new information found in his note indicating foul play oif he is not found- How much more murder will we allow from the CDC another illegal alphabet agency following the orders of Agenda 21 The Genocide People

  3. it’s mediSIN.
    What about Hep C? That’s way more of a ‘danger’, WTF babies aren’t at risk for Hep B! If you go into Chinese restaurants and see all the illegal immigrants from Mexico, they’re more likely to have HEP C and transmit it to you in your food. Ditto migrant farm workers. But our BENEVOLENT government “death’ departments don’t give a tin sh*t about that, because they are not about health.

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