Schwarzenegger used private jet for daily commutes to California’s governor’s mansion

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is going after modern energy use claiming specifically that he wants to take oil companies to court “for knowingly killing people all over the world” through alleged “global warming” impacts. See: Schwarzenegger to Sue Big Oil for ‘First Degree Murder’

But before Schwarzenegger files his court case against oil companies, he may have to prepare to appear as a defendant in his own case!

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Chapter 16 – “Hypocrisy on Parade”: 
Former GOP California governor and global warming activist Arnold Schwarzenegger came under fire for his near-daily private jet commute from his Brentwood home to the governor’s mansion in Sacramento. “The governor’s Gulf-stream jet does nearly as much damage to the environment in one hour as a small car does in a year,” the Los AngelesTimes reported in 2008. But not to worry, because “Schwarzenegger is well aware of this and makes amends by purchasing pollution credits for the carbon dioxide his jet releases.”
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Still, Schwarzenegger’s fellow environmentalists were distressed by his hypocrisy. Environmental activist Denis Hayes told the paper, “If you are going to be talking about an issue, you should be living the reality you are trying to embrace.”

An undaunted Schwarzenegger did not let this stop him from touting “air-drying your clothes” to fight global warming. “These are the kind of things that anyone can do. Did you know that air-drying your clothes for six months saves 700 pounds of carbon dioxide?” he asked in his Governor’s Earth Day message in 2009. There were no reports of Schwarzenegger’s clothing hanging in the wind at the governor’s mansion in Sacramento.

Schwarzenegger touts ‘air-drying your clothes for 6 months to save 700 pounds of carbon dioxide’
Schwarzenegger did not use a clothes line himself
The Hummer-driving Schwarzenegger had all kinds of suggestions for other people.“Keep the right tire pressure in your car and you will reduce gasoline costs by 4 percent. Now maybe that doesn’t seem like much. But listen to this: If everyone in the country took this simple step, America’s oil consumption would drop by 800,000 barrels a day. You get it? That’s the power the individual has,” he said.
This is not the first time Schwarzenegger made threatening comments:
The Terminator wants to terminate climate skeptics!

In 2016, former California governor and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger threatened climate skeptics on video: “Some politicians even want to shut down the EPA’s ability to regulate carbon. I would like to strap their mouth to the exhaust pipe of a truck, turn on the engine and let’s see how long it would take them to tap out.”68 Yes, you heard that correctly, the Terminator wants to terminate skeptics. In 2013 Schwarzenegger had threatened death to skeptics by the same method, saying he wished to “strap some conservative-thinking people to a tailpipe for an hour and then they will agree it’s (CO2 ) a pollutant!” Schwarzenegger was conflating carbon dioxide with carbon monoxide.

Schwarzenegger’s death wish is not the first time that climate skeptics have been threatened with deadly carbon monoxide—or that the warmists have demonstrated their confusion about which carbon compound it is that they are blaming for climate change. At a 2011 presentation at Aspen’s American Renewable Energy Day (AREDAY) summit, I was told to drive my car into a garage with the engine running and then close the doors. My attempts to explain the difference between carbon dioxide—a harmless trace essential gas we all exhale—and toxic carbon monoxide were without success.

A Different Holocaust Comparison

Tony Heller of the skeptical website Real Climate Science had perhaps the best take on Schwarzenegger’s threat: “Man with thick German accent wants to kill his political opponents with poison gas.”
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Schwarzenegger touts ‘air-drying your clothes for 6 months to save 700 pounds of carbon dioxide’



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