You think the aluminum in my snow was bad, well check this out!!!!!!!!

Claudia Stauber was live and discusses the rain water lab reports

Lab results:

Patent holder for Welsbach Seeding  RAYTHEON COMPANY

US Patent:

The 2018 Budget funds NOAA’s programs and activities within the Operations, Research, and Facilities account at approximately $3.0 billion.” P. 191


4 thoughts on “RAIN WATER LAB RESULTS – GEOENGINEERING FOOTPRINTS: Aluminum – Barium – Strontium – Sulfur

  1. I perhaps am in error but it has been pointed out to me that there exists, and was passed HR 2977 which in effect is the “Space preservation act of 2001” Outlawing the use of space for exotic weapons ( or any other purpose)
    My concept would be to get autopsies run on people who have died from Flu no doubt we will find the extraordinary
    amount of toxic heavy metals – From that point of discovery A civil suit should be logged against the Responsible individuals of Agencies who acquieced to the funding as well as Dr Keith and Harvard as the institution responsible for their participation and activist inclusion

  2. Okay…..I am a little choked here. I went to the US Patent Office official site.
    Typed in Patent #5,000,186. NO MATCH. Added date: March 26, 1991. NO MATCH
    Typed in : stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming. NO MATCH

    Help me out here!!!!

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