Big Pharma – Researchers Claim Link Autism and Sun

Big Pharma - Researchers Claim Link Autism and Sun

Big Pharma on the run –  better diagnosing  for Autism methods and blaming the sun now.

As we know by lamestream media the sun is dangerous, cover up with cancer causing chemicals – blocking vitamin D.

Although not much sun via cloud cover.

Previous Pharma comments on Autism – it is  because we have better diagnosing  methods now.  No Autism when I was attending in the 1960’s


A new study out of Perth, Australia claims that there is a link between sun exposure and autism. Researchers from the Telethon Kids Institute claim to have found that pregnant rats deprived of Vitamin D showed indications of autistic behavior.

So essentially, pregnant humans have never been studied for such claims.

Even if it were true, the modern world views the sun as a big evil orange bulb that kills and mames. Chemical sunblocks are more prevelant than sandles during the warmer months.

1 thought on “Big Pharma – Researchers Claim Link Autism and Sun

  1. Typical lies. Only the fools will believe them.
    Where are all the autistic old people if they’re so ‘great” at diagnosing autism now?

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