Chemtrails: Rain Water Analysis Reveals Six New Metallic Elements Impacting Our Health

Is It Fickle Mother Nature Or Determined Weather Geoengineering: Nor’easter No. 4 And Rainwater Analysis

By Catherine J. Frompovich Activist Post –  As I write this, I’m wondering how much of the predicted 10-to-18 inch ‘snowfall’ our region will receive during the fourth Nor’easter in just short of three weeks during March 2018.  People in this region are getting very antsy about the weather; some seem to be ‘flaking out’ about it; while others are trying to take it in stride.  Hardly anything is moving on the roads and everyone is told to stay home.  It seems like it’s an exercise in planned obedience to see just what can be effectuated in human behavior.


Video source neverlosetruth analyzing Catherine Frompovich article.

Chemtrails: Rain Water Analysis Reveals Six New Metallic Elements Impacting Our Health


All these weatherevents began during Christmas week 2017 when we had a snowstorm blow through that probably had some interesting ‘ingredients’ and the proof of what I say is the fact the most beautiful green Boxwood shrub, which has lived for many years in a large garden pot at the back wall of my patio under a very wide overhang from above [my bedroom] protecting it from all weather, was devastated when ‘snow’ had blown onto it, covering it completely.  When the ‘snow’ melted, there was white stuff over every leaf, like someone had dusted the leaves with confectioners’ sugar!  Guess what happened then?  All the leaves died; they turned brown and dried up!  That Boxwood had been living in the same place year after year, but snow never fell upon it.  What was in the snow that drenched and killed that Boxwood during Christmas week 2017?  I saved some leaves if any scientist would like to assay them; just let me know.

Before the fourth event

A most interesting aspect of the Nor’easter’s approach occurred the day before and during a short snowfall.  First, there were small snow ‘pellets’, which reminded one of round, white candies on top of chocolates.  Then there were flakes that sort of resembled snow, but what followed was totally unbelievable.

I could not believe what I was seeing, but the same ‘weather’ was confirmed by the person on the other end of my telephone conversation about five miles away.  We both were amazed to see the size and configuration of the ‘snowflakes’, which looked like someone had torn pieces of white Kleenex and dropped them from the sky.  The ‘snowflake forms’ were jagged—like torn, large, extremely white pieces of Kleenex and wafted down almost like a piece of paper would.  Then the snow stopped until it began falling during the night.

An experiment in snowflake size?

What were weather geoengineers trying out with those ‘snowflakes’?  Were they having a “field day” using special microwaves and chemtrails ‘ingredients’ to test out new snowflake configurations and sizes?  I don’t think I will ever know, but for someone who’s seen snow for almost 80 years, I never saw anything like what preceded the official Nor’easter.

Testing rain water and the results

I must admit I’ve been watching the skies and weather more closely than most folks, and even have taken to doing some experiments using scientific laboratory testing.  However, prior to the several snow melt experiments I participated in conjunction with a geophysicist, I collected rain water in November of 2017 and paid to have it analyzed by a certified laboratory.  The results have led me to think more closely about what was found in one part of the test, since I think the elements could be implicated in various health issues, which physicians may not be factoring into acute and/or chronic illnesses.


Six elements showed up in that rain water test, which I researched further to see what adverse health effects, if any, they could precipitate:

1 – Scandium is a silvery-white, metallic d-block element; a rare earth element found in rain water?!

Even though Scandium has no biological role and ‘supposedly’ is non-toxic, there are suggestions some of its compounds might be carcinogenic.  When inhaled, it can cause lung embolisms, especially during long-term exposures.  Scandium can be a threat to the liver when it accumulates in the human body. Scandium can become a threat to the environment, gradually accumulating in soil and water soils.  It can have negative influences on reproduction and functions of the nervous systems of water animals.


2 – Germanium is a lustrous, grayish-white metalloid in the carbon group.

Germanium hydride and Germanium tetrahydride are extremely flammable and explosive when mixed with air. Adverse health effects include irritation to the eyes, skin and respiratory tract, and may cause lesions on blood cells.  Germanium is considered a heavy metal and has some negative impacts on aquatic ecosystems.  How does it get into rain water?


3 – Indium is a soft, ductile, silvery-white metal liquid over a wide range of temperatures. It has no biological role and should be regarded as highly toxic.  Indium compounds can damage the heart, kidney and liver, and may be teratogenic [cause birth defects].  Caution is expressed about Indium because there is insufficient data about its effects on human health.  Indium is not widely dispersed in the environment, so how does it land/appear in rain water?  Furthermore, environmental effects have not been investigated.


4 – Tellurium is a mildly toxic, silver-white metalloid chemically related to sulfur and seleniumand is found in coal up to 2 ppm. Supposedly, Tellurium is rarely encountered by people, so how does it get into rain water?  Tellurium compounds are teratogenic and ingesting even small amounts causes bad-smelling breath and appalling body odor.  It can be absorbed into the body by inhalation of its aerosol!  Effects of inhalation include: drowsiness, dry mouth, metal taste, headache, garlic odor, and nausea.   The aerosol can irritate the eyes and respiratory tract.  It can have adverse effects on the liver and central nervous system.  Medical observation upon ingestion reveal abdominal pain, constipation, vomiting.  Tellurium chloride, when heated to decomposition, may emit toxic fumes of Tellurium and Chlorine.


5 – Terbium is a silvery-white, rare earth malleable metal, ductile and soft. So how does it get into rain water?  It has no biological role and may be mildly toxic by ingestion.  Its powder form and compound are very irritating to the skin and eyes.  Terbium’s toxicity has not been investigated in detail.


6 – Bismuth is a white, crystalline, brittle metal having a pinkish tint. It’s the most diamagnetic [tending to become magnetized in a direction at 180° to the applied magnetic field. (Online Dictionary) ] [1] of all metals and thermal conductivity is lower than any metal except mercury.  Bismuth and its salts can cause kidney damage.  It is considered one of the less toxic of the heavy metals. Toxicity can result in the form of bodily discomfort, presence of albumin or other proteins in the urine, diarrhea, skin reactions and exodermatitis.  It can enter the body via inhalation, skin and ingestion. There can be acute and chronic adverse health effects from exposure to Bismuth.  It poses minimum threat to the environment, but caution is advised as there is limited information on its effects in the environment.  So how does it get into rain water?


Resource for the above information:
Chemical elements alphabetically listed

When one steps aside and considers how the above six metals—some rare earth metals—can be found in rain water, one has to surmise that what’s going on within those lines sprayed in the sky, called “chemtrails” or weather management or weather geoengineering or Solar Radiation Management (SRM), probably has some key role in making and managing weather.

Chemtrails are the ‘raw’ material for weather geoengineering because they create the clouds that can be directed with high frequency microwaves being sent from various ionospheric heaters like HAARP and the sea-based HAARP SBX Platform and various ionospheric heater ‘stations’ [2], plus some stations thought to be on isolated islands situated in the oceans.


Interestingly, each of the six metals listed above are grayish, silvery-white—chemtrails cloud color. Those chemtrails dissipate into all sorts of scalar and ‘blanket’ clouds, which cover regions for days at a time, blocking precious sunlight!

Furthermore, those six metals ought to be investigated for any connection they may have with what’s called chemtrail flu.”
8:34 minute video

Weather really is being controlled

For skeptics who don’t believe weather can be controlled, well how about this: “Beijing snowfall hailed as ‘auspicious’” … but it’s man-made Beijing’s downtown area saw its first snow of the winter on Saturday morning, after a 145-day dry spell in the capital.”

3 thoughts on “Chemtrails: Rain Water Analysis Reveals Six New Metallic Elements Impacting Our Health

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  2. I’m busy getting materials together to make some nice chem busters, ala Don and Carol Croft. Hopefully this will help to clear and neutralize these toxins. I urge everyone to research Orgone energy and consider making at least one chembuster or ‘cloud buster’ or “holy hand grenade” (they are different- cloud busters were invented/made by Willhelm Reich, and Chemtrail busters (chembusters) were invented by Don Croft (see orgone on From what I’ve read, chembusters can clear and neutralize the toxins in the skies.
    Also research into how to neutralize ‘smart meters’ on your home, there are a few videos I found that seem promising: (window screening can help block close up dumb meters if you have a fence and your neighbors have a dumb meter, also measures sources of EMR and dirty electricity)

    Here is a good one that shows dark microscopy of volunteers being exposed to 2 minutes of smart meter radiation a foot away- makes you wonder how ‘healthy’ these smart meter installers will be after doing their ‘jobs’.

    Here’s an example of USA “land of the free”, 2 moms were arrested for refusing to have a death meter installed on her home:

    This is one for those who think all the hubbub about smart meters is silly- they can easily turn off your power remotely with them, here’s the hack to get it back on *for informational purposes only* :

    From all the videos I have viewed regarding shielding from smart meters, they do not address what happens to the other side of the wall if that side is not shielded. My question is, wouldn’t the waves be redirected back into the house?

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