Chemtrail Protesters Take to the Streets!


Brilliant video Ciaran Chiarráinsmithfield Nofluoridegeoengineeringsmith, so uplifting to see you all out there doing such inspirational work….and great to hear so many people were receptive to the subject. Thank you Jenny Ciaranand team  amazing  !

4 thoughts on “Chemtrail Protesters Take to the Streets!

  1. Thank you to all; these heroes and heroins! I can see in the background the fly ash deposits that forms “clouds” covering the sun rays. We have those every day since the morning and until the night covering as well moon light. That operation is going to create a huge famine problem. Sun rays and moon light is needed for crop production. I thought they were doing this only in my country Puerto Rico where they have a Haarp base in Arecibo town. They have to be crazy and idiots! They are killing themselves and their families!

  2. There is a total news blackout on this project of Planned international genocide-The basis for this is Primarily The Rothschilds’s criminal banking empire, The British Colonial Government and the Vatican ( as an international State
    and criminal banking consortium- None of the present heads of state can pull out of these agreements … Interposed within the illicit scheme of Murdering 4/5’s of the world’s population- but what the psychopaths did was entrust even worse miscreants than themselves to provide the antidotes and chem-free food Which id one understands this game of double the double crosser – we are going to see some interesting fallouts

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