TV – Total Crap – Mind Control

TV – Total Crap this picture says it all!


5 thoughts on “TV – Total Crap – Mind Control

  1. I very rarely watch TV due its garbage! I watch news and weather and some documentaries. Some documentaries are also garbage. I read more or watch YouTube. I am sick of this new media crap! I also joined a gym.

  2. Thank god I quit watching the idiot box a long time ago! This photo s most definitely true, it’s all crap!

  3. I could not agree more. TV is Nº 1 WMD (weapon of mass desinformation) which will be responsible for the new generations of idiots.

  4. Watching TV makes your brain waves flatline. I remember hearing that in grade school. It helps people into escapism and un-reality. It’s a massive waste of time and perfect for the hypnotizers out there to get people to do nothing. And then there are those who’s intellectual conversations revolve around what they’ve seen on TV- even stooping so low as to discuss commercials! That’s why they call it programming.
    Loved the photo!
    Read books instead! Go for a walk! Create an orgone generator. Talk one on one with a (GASP!) REAL PERSON!! 🙂
    Not to mention all the EMR that’s being radiated when the TV is on.

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