Missing CDC Employee’s Body Found


Dr. Timothy Cunningham’s body was located in a river this week (who claimed flu shots caused the flu outbreak) nearly two months after he was reported missing, police announced Thursday.

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CDC Doctor – Who Claimed Flu Shot Caused Outbreak – Missing Feared Dead

His body was found in the Chattahoochee River, which is located just north of Atlanta, where he resided prior to his lengthy disappearance. It had been two months since Cunningham, an epidemiologist with the CDC, had been seen before his body’s grim discovery in the river.

“The Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office has identified the body recovered in the Chattahoochee River in NW Atlanta late Tuesday to be missing CDC employee Timothy Cunningham,” Atlanta police tweeted. “A press conference will be held at 2 p.m. ET at APD Headquarters on the investigation.”

Cunningham originally disappeared on February 12th after leaving the CDC’s Atlanta office and claiming that he felt “ill.” His family drove down from Maryland and entered his premises only to find that his keys, wallet, and dog, remained. They did, however, find that a window had been open.

The CDC was largely disputing claims made by Atlanta police that Cunningham had been denied a promotion. The CDC claimed he’d in fact, been awarded a promotion instead.

5 thoughts on “Missing CDC Employee’s Body Found

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      So am approving all your comments in spam. WordPress is such a can of worms, apologies for not checking sooner. 🙂

  1. NaturalNews had more on this,

    Again as usual, We the People gotta wake up to their fraud of Governments = Companies, and tell them they have NO POWER or AUTHORITY and THEY are the criminals. I’m really sick and tired of seeing their crime like this. Their level of being evil is simply bottomless.

    So sorry for Dr. Cunningham, his family and friends.
    I won’t forget your honesty and courage.
    Please rest in peace now.

  2. I guess he spilled the beans and the devils running the Center for Disease Creation had to shut him up. Poor guy, he looked like a nice person. Many underestimate the evil that is inherent in these organizations. Nobody really thinks about how the Health service is ‘militarized’, they have rank for goodness sake! They have military uniforms too, and they think they’re all about health? Ha! Hey, what county is the Georgia Guidestones in? Not sure if it was true, but the Mossad agent Joe Moshe got arrested when he said he was going to go public with the fact that Baxter labs was planning on weaponizing their vaccines, it was during one of those (probably) man made flu outbreaks years ago.
    Also watch out for fake alt media like infowars, I’m not sure if naturalnews.com is a fake alt site yet.

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