SuperDARN Fires Up – Caught on Mimic Microwave Satellite

Falkland Islands Info : Virginia Tech SuperDARN

Video source chemtrail chemtrail

Mimic Microwave Satellite

SuperDARN Fires Up - Caught on Mimic Microwave Satellite

5 thoughts on “SuperDARN Fires Up – Caught on Mimic Microwave Satellite

  1. Wow, pretty intense stuff, especially the grid points. I wonder what happens to any living creature caught in the microwaved areas….

  2. Look at the image I put on my JP blog,

    more than half way down, a little bit below from the video titled
    “Weird CHEMBOW over Fukushima…”

    It was an attack on Japan, many thought.
    I think it was around the time that there were lots of earthquakes in Kumamoto, Kyushu area.

  3. Techno-dazzle and distractions are engineered to avert human resistance to DEMONIC acts harmful to all life.

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