Let it Burn Baby Burn; The Agenda 21 CA Smart Fires Continues On

Let it Burn Baby Burn; The Agenda 21 CA Smart Fires Continues On

Post from aplanetruth.info Published on Dec 18, 2017

I live in Ventura Ca, four blocks from the fire that almost burned down our area and the fire is still ablaze right now, and they let the fire go across the whole county and now its going across Santa Barbra county, when the fire first started about 30 minutes after it was ablaze the whole power grid went out in all of Ventura County, and all of Santa Barbra all the way west to Malibu was shut off for about 16 hours. I thought that was insane and also it was a full moon and a supermoon outside when the fire started. This is all insane and there has been no wind today and many other days and they could have put this fire out already and they have let it stay going and spread everywhere. I have not seen much air support in the last 9 days in some of the areas were there should have been. I want to say one last thing, 3 days before the fire the chem-trailed for 3 days and 3 nights non stop and that’s what caused the massive wind and dryness outside and for all the last 9 days they chem-trailed every day to keep the wind going and keep the weather ripe for these fires. They want us all dead and gone. I think people better wake up now if you want to live.

4 thoughts on “Let it Burn Baby Burn; The Agenda 21 CA Smart Fires Continues On

  1. Mama Ma’at targeted those homes, believe it or not. If that 747 plane had flown, Ma’at would have increased her wrath, and leaving it parked helped the Agenda 21 propaganda. It is time to kill the devil.

  2. Notice the awful wildfires that just happened in Oklahoma , the farmlands, Many similarities to California.

  3. Has anyone tried using the rain maker that Willy Reich made? If so be careful to ground it (use a metal wire, wrap it around the metal post and put it in the ground. Some lady supposedly took a 6 foot galvanized metal pipe (used for woodstoves), took a 5 gallon plastic bucket and put some water in the bucket, pointed the bucket where the weather came from (west), swished it around for 15 minutes and then 18 hours later they got a lot of rain. It’s worth a try, but keep the rain maker outside and make sure to ground it!

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