#88 Doctor Dies Unexpectedly, Holistic Prominent and Outspoken

#88 Doctor Dies Unexpectedly, Holistic Prominent and Outspoken
It is with heavy heart that we announce the death of Dr Richard Caskey of Connecticut.
He’d shared a stage with Del Big Tree (linked at the bottom) speaking at the same event together,  and was a prominent in demand holistic doctor with decades of experience.
#88 Doctor Dies Unexpectedly, Holistic Prominent and OutspokenWe have been contacted by his patients that say the office staff told them he had food poisoning at a conference days before he was found in the bathroom by his sons who we are told are also chiropractors.
Our deepest condolences to friends and family.
As we state repeatedly throughout this series; we do not know if some, all or none of these deaths are related, but we will continue to report the sudden and or unexpected deaths in our holistic doctor series.
We just know that talking to the loved one and family members of the doctors that the ones who did autopsies are so grateful they did in the long run. I know several who didn’t know and didn’t do one and regret it to this day.
It never hurts to do an autopsy before it’s too late.
Dr Comskey’s funeral is just a few days away which is linked at the bottom of the page.
His patients rave about him and he has 5 star reviews galore.
His bio from his event with anti vaccine advocate, Del Bigtree:
Dr. Richard Caskey is a Summa Cum Laude Graduate of the University of New York at Buffalo, and Valedictorian of his chiropractic class. He is a Diplomate of International College of Applied Kinesiology, served as Chairman of the Board of Certified Teachers of ICAK and holds an Advanced Nutritional Certification. In addition, Dr. Caskey serves as the Sports Medicine Consultant for the Premiere Strikers Soccer Team and has also been a primary instructor in the 100 Hour AK Certification for many years. Dr. Caskey is a much sought after speaker throughout the country for lay and professional groups on topics such as Detoxification, Functional Endocrine Physiology and other cutting edge topics.




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