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I loved Rosalind as family. She was a generous and dedicated lover of the earth who gave her time and energy to stop environmental destruction, and I will miss her. Her stand on the Navy sonar programs and challenges were heroic. Also her stand on the timber issues. She was a one time crop inspector with the USDA and she knew what she was talking about. Her desire to do something about the jet spraying led to major investigation and she was very thorough and meticulous. She documented everything she presented and received other expert opinion from many sources.

She first contacted me in 2002 about the jet clouds and gifted me a video “Chemtrails over Marin” by two British chaps and asked me to review and comment.

As a trained weather observer in the U.S. Air Force, I recognized the spraying program immediately and was very concerned with weather manipulation and environmental changes from excessive cloud cover that was creating a greenhouse effect. Why was this being ignored? As a retired wildlife biologist I was concerned with species changes in living ecosystems as was Rosalind. We decided to work together to review areas in Mendocino County from Ukiah to the Coast where we documented tree conditions which further raised out concerns.

Rosalind was asked to speak at the 60th DPI/NGO CONFERENCE at the United Nations in 2007 titled “CLIMATE CHANGE: HOW IT IMPACTS US ALL.” When one of the speakers had to cancel, I was then asked to fill in. Rosalind and I and my wife had a great trip where we spoke at sessions, then Rosalind gave her presentation to the the entire assembly. I can still picture her with her attractive outfit and neck scarf rapidly pulling a stacked roller lift down the sidewalks of New York and into a Kinko’s to make copies to hand out, then hauling them nimbly down the street to the waiting area, then her excellent presentations. They got a lot of attention. I am honored just to have shared the experience with such a noble being concerned for life and mankind.

Knowing of her cancer, she forged on anyway while also tending her mother. I went with her to the nursing home when her mother needed more care, then it was a surprise when she went down and I had a last conversation with her, but do not have the specific details afterward.
Thank you Rosalind … We are all better off because of your force of nature in telling it like it is …



  1. Thank you Rosalind Peterson for exposing the truth. I’ve been watching her videos for many years that were always accurate spot on. “May you reach Heaven”

  2. God bless you Rosalind, thank you so much for waking so many people up, your maker will so look after you little lady, R.IP

  3. Thank you God for the life and work of Rosalind Peterson. Praise be to Your Holy Name!

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