Poland Takes To Streets To Fight Mandatory Vaccines…What Does This Mean For America?

Poland Takes To Streets To Fight Mandatory Vaccines…What Does This Mean For America?

Source. Back in March, the BBC reported that Poland was one of a few countries “suffering” from measles epidemics. Last week, the people of Poland took to the streets to fight the powers that are attempting to subjugate them medically. If you are an American, it is important to understand that although we are behind Europe in the battle, we are following their path. We can learn a lot from them and their fight. Start fighting the ruling class now on all rights so that the slope doesn’t get too slippery. Because at some point, it will be too late.

Here’s some video of the mandatory vaccine protest in Poland.

7 thoughts on “Poland Takes To Streets To Fight Mandatory Vaccines…What Does This Mean For America?

  1. Half of our children are seriously injured or killed by vaccines, toxic food ingredients, and environmental toxins like glyphosate. Why aren’t the American people marching in the streets?

    1. Del Bigtree stated the movie Vaxxed was shown on Polish prime time TV. This would never happen in Big Harma

      American’s don’t know the risks, although after the Vaxxed movie Dr. Wakefield stated the number of in the US people who question vaccine safety has increased.

      Although my vaccine damaged family members got the movie and several books written by medical doctors and they are going full bore vaccinating their newborns with many trips to hospitals, doctors and they think this is normal. They were scared to death by their ‘doctor’ and don’t realize that the only way their doctor will stop vaccinating their children is when they are dead.

      AND who am I? BWT there is a Licensed Medical Assistant in the family mix – so reams of product inserts are not considered note worthy and I have more education on this issue then the Licensed Medical Assistant.

      Over the past year I was commissioned to do an in-depth investigation on the vax issue by a Count Board Supervisor, as you can see by recent posts. I knew vaccines were dangerous but did not realize the uptick in CDC recommend shots 1340% INCREASE OF VACCINES GIVEN TO US CHILDREN FROM 1962 TO 2016. Will do a post on this soon.

  2. WOW!!
    I tried to see more and found this,

    The march against mandatory vaccination, 3rd June 2017. Warsaw, POLAND, English subtitles

    It was from last year, but that means they’ve been fighting over there.
    EVERYBODY must watch that Dr. Tent’s lecture video on Auto-immune disease (I finally wrote an article on my JP blog!! insidejobjp.blogspot.com ) and realize that THAT’s what they’ve been putting in the vaccines, shockingly altered viruses with the intention of killing us!!

    > Licensed Medical Assistant in the family

    Yeah Rusty, they don’t stop BELIEVING in the religion, right?
    But you see, my father was a doctor (MD) and yet, he said he wouldn’t recommend anti-cancer medicine before he died, which was more than 10 years ago before many doctors would say the same behind the scene. And his questions about his own occupation when he must have been HEAVILY brainwashed through his education, actually helped me fully wake up!

    So, we’ve gotta keep trying, to make people see that CDC, FDA, and all our Governments are COMPANIES and have NO AUTHORITY!!

    1. Poland Protest – Family criticizes you because they listen to venom that seeps from the televisions.

      This is priceless!

      Del Bigtree said the vaxxed movie was aired on Prime Time TV in Poland.

  3. I initiate conversations EVERYDAY, with strangers and friends, about not only the dangers of vaccines but the crazy amount of money doctors are paid to injure all their uninformed patients. Most are shocked to know the truth, others are not surprised. The majority of doctors that were anonymously polled admitted they do not vaccinate their own children. That should be proof enough !!! I recently visited 5 European countries spreading the word about Geo-Engineering, GMOs and vaccines. Three of my passions in life. I am doing as much as I can to bring awareness to the masses. It’s up to all of us to wake up the world !! Together we can accomplish anything ! Let’s storm the castle people… While we still have our weapons.

    1. > admitted they do not vaccinate their own children

      Same with so-called politicians who are actually traitorous fraudulent COMPANY employees!!

      They’re all criminals therefore we MUST STOP GIVING them our power!!
      OR at least, say my “(Revised) Secret” everyday and tell others to do the same so that we can turn everything around!!

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