The Recent AutismOne 2018 Conference Videos are Posted!

The Recent AutismOne 2018 Conference Videos are Posted!

AutismOne is a nonprofit, parent-driven organization that provides education and supports advocacy efforts for children and families touched by an autism diagnosis.
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This case involves a vaccine designed in the 1940s that was administered to Hannah Bruesewitz in 1992, some 30 years after scientists discovered a safer way to design the pertussis component of the DTP vaccine.

The Third Circuit held that the Bruesewitzes could not pursue a design defect claim under State law invoking the preemption principle in claiming that the Vaccine Act of 1986 preempted the Bruesewitz’s State law claim.

And there is empirical evidence indicating that the manufacturers, Lederle’s Mr. Johnson, testified that the problem with the ’86 version of the statute was that it allowed for design defects to go forward. Read more:

Justice Sotomayor, with whom Justice Ginsburg joins, dissenting.

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3 thoughts on “The Recent AutismOne 2018 Conference Videos are Posted!

  1. All men and women planning ahead for children should first detox to remove the accumulative heavy metals stored up in their bodies to possibly prevent autism and to promote general good health. The best resource for the highest quality zeolite in micronized powdered form is called Zeolite Pure and it is at

  2. I have young friends with small children. I have mentioned the dangers of giving children vaccines. I have linked them to the info and studies on vaccines. They are so brain washed with fear they seldom even look into it.

    1. I concur – this is such a sad state of affairs. As someone pointed out to me, the young parents born after the uptick in vaccine doses (1986) are vaccine damaged, can’t think and are brainwashed on schedule.

      Even with all the ‘shootings’ ‘drugs’ are mentioned in lame stream media, but no one can ever say the reason they ‘need’ these drugs is VACCINE DAMAGE.

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