We Now Live Under An Ionized Sky, From Chemtrails To Space Fence Lock Down

We Now Live Under An Ionized Sky, From Chemtrails To Space Fence Lock Down

Post by Doreen Ann Agostino

He who controls the electromagnetic spectrum on Earth controls all living things on the surface of the planet.

‘Digital heroin’ leads to people craving man made carbohydrates, opiates, and technology. We wonder why burying the Sun has led to mankind’s decline because we never sit down and put the story together in proper sequence.

When you understand how a hydrogen fuel cell is made inside a mitochondria using H+ as a metal plasma the layers of that onion begin to make a lot of sense. It is here where man’s 20th century diseases were born. They are, for the most part, mitochondrial based (85%) and linked to poor solar connection and a poor connection to the Earth’s magnetic flux. https://forum.jackkruse.com/index.php?threads/kinetic-alfven-waves-link-to-plasma-creation-in-mitochondria-h.19303/

By Elana Freeland

Glenn Hall
Published on Aug 28, 2017

In Under an Ionized Sky, Freeland connects the dots between the satellite infrastructure of the national security state, the cell towers and networks of the telecommunications companies, HAARP and the engineering of nanoparticles sprayed in chemical cocktails above our heads. What does this have to do with weather and natural disaster warfare? What does this have to do with mind control? What does this have to do with the EMF radiation that is making so many people sick?

The answer is a lot.  The national security state and its corporate and banking benefactors have no limits on their application of technology to create a complete environment of global control. This represents the greatest biological experiment in the history of mankind, not to mention the end of human rights and the law. This is the totalitarian state implemented invisibly down to the most intimate level.

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You and I are financing it – our pension funds and retirement savings are full of the bonds and stocks of the governments, defense contractors and banks, building what Freeland calls “the space fence.”  With $21 trillion missing from DOD and HUD accounts increasingly it looks like that money is headed out the back door into the pockets of corporate contractors who can keep things like the space fence and weather warfare secret.​  READ more at https://www.elanafreeland.com/geoengineering-transhumanism

The money was not lost. It was spent on exactly what the elites and the deep state desired it to be spent on without the public’s knowledge. Public silence is consent. Doreen https://ourgreaterdestiny.wordpress.com/2018/02/15/breeding-american-communism-via-gradualism-and-deception/

25:42 mins The ionized atmosphere is battery ready. It’s like a virtual antenna constantly ready as long as they keep flying the chemtrails, and keep zapping it with radio frequency lasers and weather systems. They can use weather systems to generate energy. This is a military operation. Military operations depend on the atmosphere being ionized. They pull energy from the ionosphere to impregnate our atmosphere with those ions and keep those ions zapped daily.

32:50 mins We are deep into the space age in an electromagnetic way. This last May [2017], NASA brazenly announced a massive ‘man-made barrier surrounding Earth’ a humongous bubble we created in outer space, deserving of calling for a whole new geological epoch to be named after us.” https://www.sciencealert.com/nasa-space-probes-detect-a-human-made-barrier-shrouding-earth

Recently the Van Allen probes detected something strange while monitoring activity of charged particles caught within Earth’s magnetic field. These dangerous solar discharges were being kept at bay by some kind of low frequency barrier. A certain type of communications called VLF, very low frequency radio communications, which have become far more common than in the 60s, and the team at NASA confirmed they can influence how and where certain particles in space can move about. This human made barrier surrounding the Earth is the space fence. This is the ring around the planet that is being formed for what I call planetary lock down. This will be amazing for an AI surveillance program, and will also provide a way to communicate with vessels going throughout our solar system.

From Doreen
Other purposes for the space fence are to block the outer Sun from reaching Earth, which is an inhumane act on populations, and deliberate interference with the Great purification underway Universally. https://ourgreaterdestiny.wordpress.com/2018/06/05/message-to-the-illuminati-club-of-rome-and-vatican/

Power concedes nothing without a demand

Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques http://www.un-documents.net/enmod.htm



All levels and units of government, from the federal level down to the local dog catcher, operate two sets of books, one of which hides enormous wealth in a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report or CAFR; CanFR in Canada.

Is the CAFR a solution to bankruptcies, austerity programs, pension cuts, infrastructure repairs, health care, etc.? Another solution is to end interest charged on digits on a screen, which is usury not debt.


Canada’s bankruptcy settlement

Think critically before you vote because voting is consent to the status quo. Not voting is consent to the status quo based on the Maxim of Law: Silence is Agreement

Pull back the curtain for others to see the bigger picture. Sharing is caring. Thank you.

Doreen Ann Agostino 
[c] Without Prejudice and Without Recourse

2 thoughts on “We Now Live Under An Ionized Sky, From Chemtrails To Space Fence Lock Down

  1. Just because THEY can doesn’t mean they ARE right now…where is this information on ionization and Haarp. Make no mistake, I am fairly convinced HAARP is and has been in play and the spraying…we humans are idiots. Like little kids when toys are waved in front of their faces they become mesmerized, all-powerful, superior, the smartest life form we know, playing with natural forces is flat out stupid. We don’t know the ramifications We don’t care. We just gotta make money money money…power power…rule everyone!!! POWER POWER POWER. Michael Crichton said, “we are standing on the shoulders of genius”…meaning we read a book and then try to make something better we did not spend the time or energy to learn before deciding how to make it better…Mitochondria are the powerhouses in each of our cells, including fat. How the heck does mitochondria make sense. I’ll read it again, but makes no sense right now.

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