Anthony Bourdain’s Suspicious Suicide – Learn What He Was Planning

Some of Bourdain’s friends think he may have been killed to silence him.  Anthony Bourdain was on the path for unification – let’s all work together.

Here’s exclusive details surrounding Anthony Bourdain’s suspicious suicide, including the CNN star’s plan to expose the globalists’ agenda to derail world peace – Apologizes for the Alex Jones reporting. 

And some of Bourdain’s friends think he may have been killed to silence him.

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4 thoughts on “Anthony Bourdain’s Suspicious Suicide – Learn What He Was Planning

  1. Alex Jones is attempting to co-opt this story as if he owns it. It’s a welcome distraction to his lame involvement in Sandy Hook.

    There’s much evidence surfacing that Bourdain’s suicide is fake news.

    Working for CNN Bourdain had to drop all associations since CNN criminal #Pedo gang enforcers were pressuring him to STFU. Instead, he was offered the option to disappear..See below…

    CNN FEED HACKED with PORN VIDEO — CNN is News Porn Most of the Time Anyway: “Viewers apparently tuned in for a new episode of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown and the show took on an entirely new meaning when it was replaced with explicit material starring transsexual pornstar Riley Quinn. The adult film star eventually thanked the network for the reportedly free airtime.”

    Anthony Bourdain Worked For CNN When He Hanged Himself in His Hotel Room (?) — He was dating Italian actress Asia Argento — who has accused movie mogul Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault and has since become one of his most vocal victims when he hanged himself in his hotel room. NPR Reports no foul play (?)…nothing to see here.

    Anthony Bourdain Hoax

    Anthony Bourdain Death Hoax 33 hoax code

  2. Wise up….

    Alex Jones, (real name Bill Hicks), is in the same Bloodline as, David Icke……..Swiss, fifth collumn.

    Bourdain an insider that broke the Rules.

    1. I don’t buy that “Alex Jones is Bill Hicks” at all.
      They don’t look alike enough, their voices so different,
      also Bill got really thin towards the end.

      You should watch his act close to the end of his life.

      Bill died or most likely KILLED.
      The date of his death told me that.

      February 26, 1994

      2 + 2 + 6 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 4 = 33

      I don’t know anything about this Bourdain guy, but when did he die?

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