Engineered system over Chicago, 6-14-18

Patrick Roddie  – Manufactured storm during night – A giant fake system was engineered over Chicago, June 14, 2018 – and was captured by the GOES-16 geostationary satellite. A huge upburst of something that looked like steam billowed up before the sunrise and grew into a massive system shedding creepy tendrils. If this was water vapor, what heat source was available to create so much steam in the middle of the night?

Notice the long and wide chemtrail dump(s) as it develops at 5 o’clock position.
Notice how normal cirrus clouds disappear over the lake region as chembomb encroaches
Notice the cloud magnetic domain (ripple clouds) at far left screen approaching Western Iowa.
Formation of this huge storm, upwelling and outflow at night with no solar contribution is the footprint of weather engineering under cover of darkness.
Aerosol dumps via fleet of cargo aircraft or drones will go unnoticed at night.

Gained status on RAMMB as Image of the day complete with lightening activity

7 thoughts on “Engineered System over Chicago, 6-14-18

  1. Patrick I thought u knew. These are made with gigantic steam machines on land. Youtube has videos of them.

  2. Are you people waking up yet. I even warned the Pres. that the hurricane in Texas and other states were not natural Hurricanes. I know that for a fact because I lived in Gulf coast of Fla from 58/ to 1980. A hurricane never sits still like that one. We have had weather wars for ab long time people. I went through donna in 60. which was a 4/5/4. along with many others. YOu learn to be ready. That hurricane in Texas and others were MAN/ MADE. tHEY HAVE USED IN WARS PEOPLE. And I’m guessing that because Trump with drew from the climate crap — who ever used it as punishment on us. The money that would have been used for the climate thing would have been put to the NWO buildings and such. The pres. stated this yr. on the G7——–He didn’t want any reprisals for his withdraw . It was a warning to the people using the weather war. When he said that –then I knew what happened in texas . It was confirmation . When he talks pay close attention.!!

  3. Live in Florida, so obviously watch weather reports. Been watching this model, called the CMC Model. It shows something moving into Texas by tomorrow, june 17th, then that same system goes all the way up through many states, then over to the east, and somehow comes out as another full system right over the top of the NY/DC area 4 days later on june 21. Hurricanes dont do that. Sounds like they are putting something in the air in the NE to create one big mess. Not good

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