6-20-2018; Giant Right Angle Imprint Over Midwest; TX Thunderstorm Superheated

6-20-2018; Giant Right Angle Imprint Over Midwest; TX Thunderstorm Superheated

CLIMATE ENGINEERING Weaponization of the Weather

1PacificRedwood (Wed.) A dual low pressure system has been allowed to spool up and develop over Nebraska, and now we see a right angle imprint over the vortex which will cause wild unpredictable weather conditions including wind, along with large hail stones as high pressure from the satellite transmitter is forced into this weather system. The transmitter is generating heated air over the top of the weather system which has evaporated the moisture attempting to flow around and into the low pressure vortex. The right angle imprint suggests the transmitter is a phased array type utilizing coherent microwave RF, which is very effective at heating and evaporating atmospheric moisture.

A large thunderstorm system over Southeast Texas is being targeted and superheated by a similar satellite based transmitter. A blast pattern and pressure wave is visible in the Watervapor and Infrared maps. Looking next at the Doppler radar over SE Texas we see a circular area, void of precipitation over the targeted storm.

In the East Pacific, an upper level closed low pressure system is being squashed with installed high pressure in the East Pacific. Some residual moisture from this low is streaming into Northern CA. The people living in Northern CA are probably seeing the specially equipped jets spraying the chemical aerosols over this moisture field to prevent precipitation. The doppler map confirms no precipitation in nearly all of CA and the Southwest.

5 thoughts on “6-20-2018; Giant Right Angle Imprint Over Midwest; TX Thunderstorm Superheated

  1. Who, the person or persons, is doing these things? We as a human beings no matter how stuck on stupid it appears we are, must take control of these obsessed agenda one folks!

    We have to know and speak out about it loud and clear!

  2. The people, if an when they decide, will stop this destruction of the biosphere-If pilots do not show up for assignments, if airlines are boycotted to reduced flight levels-If the principal people engaged I n the murder of the planet are stopped ( and I am not particular as to any collateral damage done) It will stop-It will take People Helping people to stop this greed and insanity.

  3. When they were playing with the weather, there were some strange things happening. At night the sky would light up, it would look like heat lightning but it wasn’t. Also during early morning before this would hit, we would feel a very warm wind, then the wind would cool down just before a torrential downpour would hit us or around the area. This is “man made” but it’s not cow farts, it’s HAARP and their other evil contraptions doing this.

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