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Chemtrailed Ireland June 22, 2018

Chemtrailed Ireland June 22, 2018

Terry Lawton commenting on his chemtrailed skies…. June 22, 2018

County Wexford is a coastal county in southeastern Ireland.


Also see Ongoing Coal-Fly-Ash Toxic Chemical Geoengineering

5 thoughts on “Chemtrailed Ireland June 22, 2018

  1. I’m waiting for the first nation to send up jets and intercept these spray planes , today , not one response has occurred from any country that has these trails over their land . Over twenty years of spraying the entire globe and only questions and denial remain . The United States Air Force has claimed they will ” Own The Weather by 2025 and the CIA has used this Stratosphere Aerosol Injection to destroy agriculture and move people where they want them . The United Nations agenda 21 will go on until the end of this century , will Chemtrails go on as well ?

    1. From what I read, this is a NATO operation, as soon as a country signs up with NATO the spraying begins.

      Commercial, passenger jets are spraying in my area…with a few military jets – those not on https://planefinder.net/

  2. My Senator, has responded to my complaint of the infringement of life and liberty of my person” by sending the information to the Federal EPA- OI had told him that “we will not tolerate criminal conduct by and agency ( governmental or nongovernmental ” and that further violation on our persons may result In some serious action taken by parties who have been damaged continually That “Violations of and against humanity will receive a sharp action in return- collateral damage will not be taken into consideration – we will start a Brevard County chapter
    as society group of concerned citizens for action

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