Italy – Shadows in the Sky and Atmospheric Nanoparticulates

Italy - Shadows in the Sky and Atmospheric Nanoparticulates

Ombre in cielo e nanoparticolato atmosferico

Rosario Marcianò Da che cosa deriva l’ombra delle scie? Dalla riflettanza.

Le ombre delle scie sono un effetto del nanoparticolato composto da metalli e solfuri in sospensione (nanopolveri PM 0.3): è un fenomeno che determina un’elevata riflettanza tale da causare la comparsa dell’ombra, proiettata dalle scie e dall’aereo in particolari condizioni di luce solare. [1] La presenza del nanoparticolato non è fortuita, ma funzionale agli obiettivi strategici che motivano le attività di geoingegneria clandestina alias “scie chimiche”, volte a creare un medium atmosferico utile alla propagazione delle onde elettromagnetiche ed alla drastica riduzione dell’umidità, quindi delle precipitazioni piovose. Di qui la distruzione delle nubi naturali, sostituite da quelle che i meteo militarizzati indicano come “innocue velature” che sono tutto fuorché innocue.

[1] La riflettanza misura, in ottica, la capacità di riflettere parte della luce incidente su una data superficie o materiale. Essendo quindi il rapporto tra intensità del flusso radiante riflesso e intensità del flusso radiante incidente, è una grandezza adimensionale.

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Google translation:

What does the shadow of the contrails derive from? From reflectance.

The shadows of the contrails are an effect of the nanoparticulate composed of metals and sulfides in suspension (nanopowders PM 0.3): it is a phenomenon that determines a high reflectance such as to cause the appearance of the shadow, projected by contrails and the aircraft in particular conditions of sunlight. [1] The presence of nanoparticulate is not fortuitous, but functional to the strategic objectives that motivate the clandestine geoengineering activities alias “chemtrails”, aimed at creating an atmospheric medium useful for the propagation of electromagnetic waves and the drastic reduction of humidity, therefore of rainfall. Hence the destruction of natural clouds, replaced by those that the militarized weather indicate as “harmless glazes” that are anything but harmless.

[1] Reflectance measures, in optical, the ability to reflect part of the light incident on a given surface or material. Being therefore the ratio between intensity of the reflected radiant flux and intensity of the incident radiant flux, it is a dimensionless quantity.

3 thoughts on “Italy – Shadows in the Sky and Atmospheric Nanoparticulates

  1. Hi, fellow humans. You have to be absolutely in human to do this poisoning!!! I would like to share so many years of this evil torment even the governors allow their own people to be murdered slowly, every governor should be hung! Here in Oregon now trashing us. Montana those poor people radiated yeah suffer from hair lose well its your government! Was wondering why the shadow peace

  2. Those shadows are from a heavy white haze of poison in the air that when a airplane flys thru it it leaves a trail….like cutting thru the white haze and revealing a clean lane.

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