Bayer + Monsanto = A Match Made in Hell

Bayer + Monsanto = A Match Made in Hell

It is hardly surprising that the first thing Bayer did after completing their takeover of Monsanto earlier this month was to announce that they were dropping the Monsanto name, merging the two companies’ agrichemical divisions under the Bayer Crop Science name. After all, as everyone knows, Monsanto is one of the most hated corporations in the world. But Bayer itself has an equally atrocious history of death and destruction. Together they are a match made in hell.


3 thoughts on “Bayer + Monsanto = A Match Made in Hell

  1. Bayer, removed Monsanto, ( a hated corporation) by I.G Farben , it’s Benefactor, ( without whose help Hitler could not have created the Nazi holocaust , I lost 10 family members in Germany to Zyglote , Manufactured by I.G.Farben– UI keep reading these columns and am wondering when we as a unified publ8ic are going to take some economic reprisals on these companies [ their bank accounts must be hammered]

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