Sun. Jan 20th, 2019

Russ Tanner: The Real Story Of Geoengineering The World

Russ Tanner: The Real Story Of Geoengineering The World

Russ Tanner ( runs one of the largest Facebook groups about geoengineering and is always working on his educational projects for the public, so it’s really hard to get him to come on a show like ours that usually involves a long, in-depth discussion with an inspirational person doing what we think is important work. But this Sunday we get our wish and Russ joins us on Lost Arts Radio. In this visit, Russ will share with us how he first got interested in studying aircraft and first found out that chemtrails were real. We’ll hear about his early years and the steps that led up to his full time activism to educate the public about geoengineering. We’ll even get into Russ’s rare abilities to directly sense the different formulas of materials being sprayed.

It’s going to be an incredible discussion, introducing you to Russ Tanner the man and letting you in on why he is so committed to the work he does today. Some of you may not know that I worked with Russ and Dane Wigington as a host on Geoengineering Watch Radio, before Lost Arts Radio was born. It was a great experience, as all of us had a front-row seat to exactly how the California drought was artificially created. Since then I have been watching the development of geoengineering carefully, along with its connections to all the other simultaneous assaults occurring against humanity. I have stayed in touch with Russ the whole time, and have been looking for a chance over the last few months to have him on the show. We get that chance this Sunday night.

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4 thoughts on “Russ Tanner: The Real Story Of Geoengineering The World

  1. Did I hear him right?
    Did he say that the story about ‘CONtrail’ itself was a lie!???

    I remember, Dr. Rosalie Bartell, with whom I had an honor of exchanging mails before she left us, well, if my memory serves me right, was telling us in one video that contrails are to get formed high up in altitude because the temperature difference (of the air and the exhaust) creates the trail. Since then, I’ve been using that when explaining contrails and chemtrails.

    And even that was a lie!??

    Also, how old is Russ?
    Around late 40’s?
    Just wanna know so that I can see the year, when he was around 7.

    1. No reply from anyone??
      Yet I found Rusty’s comment:

      My flight training was with a WWII Naval officer and flight engineer from Georgia Tech. I asked him about the WWII contrails and he said the planes were redesigned NOT to produce contrails as this would give their position away when making bombing runs….So the planes were REDESIGNED NOT TO PRODUCE CONTRAILS.

      So could you tell me WHEN this change was made?
      After WWII?
      And, therefore all the seeming CONtrails are actually all chemtrails??

      1. Hey Aus: The planes were REDESIGNED NOT TO PRODUCE CONTRAILS for WWII bombing runs so the ‘enemy’ would not see them coming before the use of radar.

        There was a comment from a TROLL, which was deleted.

        1. > for WWII bombing runs

          That’s what I wanted to check
          Thank you Rusty!

          Yes I saw some stupid agent busy posting useless comments. ;o)
          ANYHOW, if that’s the case, all the talk about what I wrote above originally, the explanation of so-called ‘CONtrail’ was all lies/incorrect… OR can that temperature difference can still create them??

          One thing I can say for sure is that you see, I’ve got this set of encyclopedia published back in the 60’s, and years ago, I checked “contrail” but it DIDN’T HAVE that at all. That made me wonder, and if above is true, that can make sense.

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